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5 Investments to Protect You from a Stock Market Crash

The most important idea in investing is to hold more than just stocks so a market crash doesn’t take your money with it. While the stock market is still positive for the year (so far!), returns have definitely slowed down. Investors love to pretend that a stock crash is still years away, but the next […]

How to Create Your Own Vanguard Funds to Save Money

Invest in low-cost Vanguard funds or save even more money by creating your own passive index funds There’s a huge new trend in investing and it’s about time. For decades, investors paid high fees to put their money to work and without much to show for it. The trend to passive index investing through exchange […]

How to Invest like a Boglehead, the Easiest Investment Strategy Ever

Investing like a Boglehead means the fewest investment decisions and the lowest-cost possible approach to investing I started this blog to help investors create the simplest investing strategies to meet their long-term goals. In my decade working as an investment analyst and over the last several years as a financial writer, the Boglehead investment strategy […]

Betterment vs Vanguard: A Ridiculous Comparison

The question isn’t Betterment versus Vanguard but which website is right for your needs Robo-investing and passive index investing are quickly becoming the most popular investing concepts of 2017. The aim of both is to take the stress out of meeting your long-term goals, lower investing costs and provide a stable return. The popularity of […]

11 Professional Investors Share their Stress-Free Investing Strategies

Put your money to work without losing sleep over the next stock market crash with these stress-free investing strategies Turn on CNBC or any other financial news channel and you’re likely to hear 60 investing strategies and stock picks in any given hour. That number doubles on investing websites. Portfolio managers, analysts and pundits spin […]

A Hands-Off Investing Strategy with Betterment Robo-Investing

Betterment investing offers one of the few truly hands-off investing sites for your financial goals Betterment is the ultimate in robo-investing or do-it-for-me investments. The financial and investing platform helps you find the amount of money you need to meet your financial goals, the amount you should be investing monthly and then it does the […]