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How to Win the Stock Market Game [4 Rules]

Winning the stock market game is a matter of knowing which game you’re playing. Winning the stock market game is possible but not how most investors go about it. It’s no secret that investors are notorious for under-performing the stock market, realizing returns far below the general market. Data for the ten years through 2013 […]

5 Stock Market Rules from the Pros

These stock market rules will help you customize an investing strategy and take the stress out of investing your money I don’t usually follow the so-called gurus of investing, the money managers you hear about daily in stock market news. More often than not, their hot stock picks are just them trying to pitch an […]

4 Investing Mistakes that Cost Me $30,000

One reader shares the investing mistakes that cost him tens of thousands of dollars Today’s post was originally published on PeerFinance101 from Robert, a reader from Kentucky that wanted to share his story after reading two recent posts on investing. Robert relates investing mistakes that cost him a lot of money to some of the […]