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What Determines a Stock Price? [and What’s a Good Price]

Stock prices are determined by more than simply supply and demand. Understanding how the market works will help you get the best deal. Look up how a stock price is determined and most sites will tell you it’s supply and demand. It’s an overly simple answer because most bloggers don’t understand how the stock market […]

How Investing Became an Entertainment Industry

One of the biggest investing lies keeps you paying fees and losing money Why does the average investor earn just 4.6% a year on stocks when the market grows 8% plus on average? Because Wall Street and the so-called investing experts lie to you. This is the first in our five-part series, the five biggest […]

How to Create Your Own Vanguard Funds to Save Money

Invest in low-cost Vanguard funds or save even more money by creating your own passive index funds There’s a huge new trend in investing and it’s about time. For decades, investors paid high fees to put their money to work and without much to show for it. The trend to passive index investing through exchange […]

Make Investing about YOU with a Personal Investment Plan

Make an investing strategy that’s right for YOUR needs with a personal investment plan Want to know the worst mistake in investing, the mistake almost all individual investors make? It’s a mistake that causes the average investor to lose money and underperform the stock market by a wide margin. Even after the worst stock market […]

Why I Don’t Worry about a Stock Market Crash

Follow these two simple investing rules for stress-free investing when everyone else is freaking out about a stock market crash Stocks of the largest U.S. companies plunged 10% in one week late last year and closed flat for 2015. The selloff hit investors in the high-flying market for Chinese stocks with a whopping 25% drop […]

How to Start Investing: Basic Investment Ideas

Use these basic investment ideas to start investing and get on track to meet your goals We spend a lot of time talking about basic investment ideas on the blog. Ok, you’re probably about tired of hearing about some of the simple investing ideas but they are so important. Wall Street wants you to think […]