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How to Invest in Your 50s for Safety and Growth

Investing in your 50s means balancing protection with returns to meet your retirement goals Investors in their 50s are starting to realize a dangerous choice, the need to balance protection with growth to reach their financial goals. This is especially true for those that haven’t saved enough. Investment calculators might tell them they need a […]

What Should Your Investments Look Like in Your 40s?

Keeping your investments on track in your 40s means shifting asset classes becomes even more important Click through to nearly any investing website and you’ll find the same thing, a collection of individual stock picks and ways to ‘beat the market’. It’s this one-size-fits-all investment strategy, trying to pick stocks for the highest return possible, […]

How Should I Invest in My 30s?

Investors in their 30s can make small changes in their investments that will create investing habits to help keep their portfolio on track I’ve never woken up on my birthday and said, “Well, there it is. I feel a year older.” You don’t feel your body aging from one day to the next. The crow’s […]

What Your Investments Should Look Like in Your 20s

How young investors can put together a rock-solid portfolio to benefit from decades of compound interest It’s one of the biggest tragedies in personal finance. Young investors have a huge opportunity to get started investing, benefiting from decades of growing their money but they don’t know where to begin. By contrast, older investors may have […]

Investor Update: Stocks May Be Less Risky than Bonds

For some investors, stocks may actually be less risky than bonds and other assets The conventional investing wisdom says that stocks are riskier than bonds. After all, stocks can tumble 40% over the course of a few months while a rough patch for bonds is a 5% slide. But is it necessarily true for all […]

Best Investments for Your 50s

The best investments for your 50s will give you peace of mind and the returns you need Investing in your 50s can be hugely rewarding but it can also be extremely scary for some. If you’ve been investing for a couple of decades or more, even less risk in your investments can yield big portfolio […]