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Expert Shares His Secrets to Dividend Growth Investing

Dividend growth investing puts cash in your pocket and the potential for upside returns for your dividend portfolio I’ve loved dividend investing since buying my first shares of stock in a joint account with my parents when I was twelve years old. Seeing that quarterly cash flow deposited is one of the best motivations to […]

3 Best Technology Stocks to Buy Now

Finding the best technology stocks to buy now is less about the companies and more about larger themes I don’t usually write about picking stocks but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to analyze individual investments to find companies with the potential to provide out-sized returns. I was an equity analyst for nearly a decade, […]

Growth vs Value Investing: How to Have Both

Use this simple investing strategy to get the most out of growth stocks and value investing I don’t normally recommend stock-picking and trying to beat the market on the blog. It’s the relentless chasing of returns that ends up losing your money and costs a mountain of fees. I do like following the higher-level strategies, […]

The Surprising Truth of Dividends vs Growth Stocks

Growth stocks offer all the benefits of dividend investing and more control over your taxes Dividend stocks are popular. Dividend stocks seem safe. Who doesn’t like getting a cash return regularly from your investments, especially compared to the risk in growth stocks? Dividend stocks are awesome! There, I said it. But dividend stocks aren’t the […]

Growth vs Value Investing for the Stock Market Win

Which means higher returns, growth stocks or value investing, for your portfolio? Anyone with money in the stock market for more than a couple of decades has heard of the value premium, the idea that value investing beats growth stocks. The history of returns for value versus growth investing is so strong, it’s almost a […]