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How to Make a Simple Investing Strategy

Follow this simple investing strategy to create a portfolio right for your needs Putting together a simple investing strategy that you don’t have to worry about has been the driving reason for this blog. I’ve spent decades investing and working with everyone from individual investors to large venture capital firms. One thing I’ve learned is […]

How to Find Your Investment Risk Tolerance

Investing without understanding your investment risk tolerance is a sure way to miss your financial goals and create sleepless nights. Investment risk tolerance is one of the most important but overlooked concepts in investing. Investors eager to reach their financial goals for retirement or that dream vacation read through a few websites about stocks and […]

How I Discovered that ANYONE can Start Investing

My parents taught me about saving and budgeting from an early age but it wasn’t until much later that I learned the power of compounding and that anyone can start investing. I’ve been working on getting today’s post for months. I’ve followed Miranda Marquit’s blog for quite a while and love the blog as a […]

Core-Satellite: A Perfect Sleep at Night Investing Strategy

A core-satellite investing strategy reduces your investing risk but leaves room for gains Many investors spend most of their time worried about picking individual stocks that will beat the market. While you might be able to pick a few winners every once in a while you’d have to be some kind of Wall Street prodigy […]