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6 Simple Rules for Picking Stocks for Everyday Investors

The father of value investing offers six criteria for picking stocks to meet your investing goals Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ve built this blog on the idea that investing can actually be easy if you keep to a few stock market basics. We don’t get into stock picking much but finding the best […]

The Investing Strategy I Used to Find Stock Market Success

One reader shares how he went from investing losses to stock market hero and the tips you can use for stock market success I fell in love with the stock market in high school. In my economics class we watched the film Wall Street. I wanted to be Gordon Gekko. Not that I slicked my […]

Hot Stocks and the Intelligent Investor

How to avoid hot stocks and stock market bubbles in this first chapter review of The Intelligent Investor Tune in to CNBC or any one of the thousands of investing websites daily and you’re likely to find hundreds of stock picks. Investors go crazy over hot stocks and making huge returns on the next hot […]

5 Ways to Pick the Best Stocks to Buy

My five criteria for how to pick the best stocks to buy and how to avoid the big stock market mistakes I don’t usually write about how to pick stocks on the blog or that investing is about finding the best stocks to buy. Over more than a decade as an investment analyst, I’ve learned […]