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How to Find Stock Trends before the Rest of the Market

Four strategies to find trending stocks and how to know when to sell We don’t talk about stock trading much on the blog but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for some solid returns. Part of my job as an equity analyst was to keep a list of trending stocks for potential analysis. Finding […]

What Determines a Stock Price? [and What’s a Good Price]

Stock prices are determined by more than simply supply and demand. Understanding how the market works will help you get the best deal. Look up how a stock price is determined and most sites will tell you it’s supply and demand. It’s an overly simple answer because most bloggers don’t understand how the stock market […]

3 Best Technology Stocks to Buy Now

Finding the best technology stocks to buy now is less about the companies and more about larger themes I don’t usually write about picking stocks but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to analyze individual investments to find companies with the potential to provide out-sized returns. I was an equity analyst for nearly a decade, […]

3 of the Best Stocks to Buy Before the Next Stock Market Crash

My favorite stocks to buy right now for protection and growth against an uncertain market The stock market has been crazy lately, as if stock prices aren’t supposed to go up forever! Stocks were getting expensive and long overdue for more than a small correction anyway. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to make […]

When Should You Buy Preferred Shares vs Common Stock?

When should you buy preferred shares rather than common stock and what’s the difference? When you talk about stocks, it’s a good bet you’re talking about common shares trading on the exchanges. But there’s another type of equity investment, ownership in a company, that can offer some very attractive advantages over common stock. They’re called […]

Beat the Stock Market with Three Proven Strategies

You can beat the stock market but it takes more than just watching five minutes of CNBC Shares of Apple plunged 40% through the first few months of 2013 before surging 136% over the next two years. Shares of hot stocks like Netflix and Tesla frequently fall double-digits before rebounding. That kind of stock market […]