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How to Beat the Market with a Do Nothing Strategy

Do Nothing investing means buying high-quality businesses and then holding them for the long-run. Most people think of the Do Nothing investing strategy as simply buy-and-hold. That’s a big part of it but it goes way beyond. The real surprise of this strategy is its ability to build up your dividend income over time. There […]

How to Create a Monthly Dividend Check to Pay the Bills

Learn how to create monthly income from just four dividend stocks to pay your bills Readers of the blog will know that I absolutely love dividend stocks. These income investments work on so many levels and are a constant source for positive return. Stock prices can crash but the dividends you collect on your stocks […]

The Surprising Truth of Dividends vs Growth Stocks

Growth stocks offer all the benefits of dividend investing and more control over your taxes Dividend stocks are popular. Dividend stocks seem safe. Who doesn’t like getting a cash return regularly from your investments, especially compared to the risk in growth stocks? Dividend stocks are awesome! There, I said it. But dividend stocks aren’t the […]

15 Stocks to Boost Dividend Income Fast

Why settle for rock-bottom income returns when you can increase your dividend income fast with these stocks? These are bountiful times for Corporate America, but when it comes to dividend income, shareholders may feel left out of the profit party. Companies in the S&P 500 are on track to earn more than $1 trillion this […]

Put Cash in Your Pocket with this Market-Beating Dividend Fund

This dividend fund has beaten the stock market this year and provides a stable stream of cash flow It’s a little under four months since I created four investing funds on Motif so I thought I would provide an update on how each are doing. We talked last week about how the American Future Fund […]