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5 Bond Funds that Beat the Stock Market

Have you been hypnotized by the promise of stock investing? Three reasons why bonds are better than stocks. Everyone loves to talk about stocks. On TV, on the internet, it’s all you hear about from investing experts. Stocks are the get rich investment, that bet you’re making on a company that’s going to take you […]

5 Investors that Prove You Can Beat the Stock Market

Famous investors prove that a combination of strategy and analysis can help you beat the stock market, but should you? Talking with other financial bloggers recently, the old debate of whether it’s possible to beat the stock market came up. It felt a little odd because I’m usually arguing for a passive investing strategy here […]

Beat the Stock Market with Three Proven Strategies

You can beat the stock market but it takes more than just watching five minutes of CNBC Shares of Apple plunged 40% through the first few months of 2013 before surging 136% over the next two years. Shares of hot stocks like Netflix and Tesla frequently fall double-digits before rebounding. That kind of stock market […]