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3 Rules for Making a Year-End Retirement Contribution

How to make your year-end retirement contribution work as hard as you do Your 401K and IRA retirement accounts might be more valuable than you realize. Too often, you hear a financial guru tell you to “max out” your retirement accounts without knowing Why monthly contributions can be so valuable. By performing a year-end financial […]

The Financially Dumb Reason to Start Investing Before Paying Off Debt

Investing before paying off debt brings two very important benefits you can’t afford to miss A lot of good financial decisions don’t make much financial sense. You can crunch the numbers all you want but they’re just not going to add up. For example, buying a home versus renting. The actual return on home ownership […]

How to Get Your Life-Long Investing Plan on Track Today

Stop losing money on stocks and get your life-long investing plan on track today with this retirement investing series Nobody cares more about your money than you do. While you may not have the years of professional experience managing investments compared to a financial planner or advisor, you also don’t have the conflicts of interest […]

Guarantee Your Retirement with a Secured Income Strategy

The ‘secured income strategy’ can help guarantee retirement income and balance your retirement saving Let me share with you a not-so-hypothetical story. Paul was 64 and had been investing his entire life. He built up quite a nest egg and was ready to retire comfortably next year. The year was 2008. We all know what […]

How to Double Retirement Income when Money is Tight

Saving and investing when money is tight can be tough but even the smallest amount can nearly double your nest egg We all know that investing for retirement is an absolute unless you want to eat pork ‘n beans three times a day in your golden years. Money is tight though and by the time […]