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Growth vs Value Investing: How to Have Both

Use this simple investing strategy to get the most out of growth stocks and value investing I don’t normally recommend stock-picking and trying to beat the market on the blog. It’s the relentless chasing of returns that ends up losing your money and costs a mountain of fees. I do like following the higher-level strategies, […]

The Easy Way to Find Undervalued Stocks

Finding undervalued stocks can be easy if you know what to look for and how to invest for the long-run Besides looking for dividend stocks, value investing has got to be my favorite investing strategy. You see, I’m a cheapskate at heart and nothing appeals to me more than finding an undervalued stock ready to […]

Growth vs Value Investing for the Stock Market Win

Which means higher returns, growth stocks or value investing, for your portfolio? Anyone with money in the stock market for more than a couple of decades has heard of the value premium, the idea that value investing beats growth stocks. The history of returns for value versus growth investing is so strong, it’s almost a […]