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5 Space Stocks to Buy Before the ARKX Launch

5 Space Stocks to Buy Before the ARKX Launch Bow Tie Nation! Joseph Hogue here and Nation, the space race is on! And that’s about as much of that as I can play without getting sued but let’s just say I am going to be tragically disappointed if the new Space Force doesn’t have at […]

Stocks vs Funds: Beat the Market or Beat Your Goals

Use a stress-free investing strategy in funds and still beat your goals Turn to your favorite investing channel or click through to just about any financial blog and all you hear is stocks, stocks, stocks. Everyone is trying to find that next stock that will make them rich. But is that the best way to […]

ETF Investing and How to Save $162,000

ETF Investing has replaced mutual funds but the biggest reason to invest in funds remains the same Too many people still think investing in mutual funds is the best option to meet their retirement goals. ETF investing has replaced mutual funds in nearly every way including lower costs and taxes. In fact, investing in ETFs […]