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3 Stock-Picking Strategies that Work and Two to Avoid

Stock-picking strategies are a dime a dozen but these three investing themes actually be worth the money Turn on CNBC or Bloomberg at any point during the day and you’re bound to hear ten different stock-picking strategies within an hour. Investors love the idea of jumping into an investment and the potential to get rich […]

3 Best Technology Stocks to Buy Now

Finding the best technology stocks to buy now is less about the companies and more about larger themes I don’t usually write about picking stocks but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to analyze individual investments to find companies with the potential to provide out-sized returns. I was an equity analyst for nearly a decade, […]

5 Ways to Pick the Best Stocks to Buy

My five criteria for how to pick the best stocks to buy and how to avoid the big stock market mistakes I don’t usually write about how to pick stocks on the blog or that investing is about finding the best stocks to buy. Over more than a decade as an investment analyst, I’ve learned […]

The Best Investments for the Next 30 Years

Check out these three long-term investing themes for some of the best investments over the next 30 years Long-term themes are one of my favorite ways to invest and find the best investments for the next several decades. These investing themes have huge forces behind them and will lift entire sectors and industries in the […]