10 Lies Wall Street Tells Investors

The 10 Biggest Lies Wall Street Tells Investors

Learn to avoid the biggest lies in investing and how to invest YOUR way to reach your financial goals!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″]Get the facts about how Wall Street lies to investors and how you can take control of your money…Here’s just a sample of what’s included in this FREE 10-page guide:[/text_block]
  • How to beat the Stock Market Game playing by your rules
  • The truth about TV stock pickers and why you can’t trust the ‘experts’
  • How I invest and why I don’t worry about a Stock Market Crash
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[text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]Over 10 years as equity analyst, know what I’ve learned about investing and the financial media? I’ve worked for everyone from small advisor firms to banks and large venture capital firms. They all have one thing in common…they all lie to investors!

Investing has become a reality TV show where you’re just as likely to end up busted rather than make money.

Take a look at the return earned by the average investor over the ten years through 2013.

Despite the stock market rising by an average of 7.4% annually, investors earned just 2.6% on their portfolios. That’s barely enough to cover the loss from inflation.

Wall Street’s agenda is no longer to help you make money. It wasn’t until I got off Wall Street and started talking to main street investors that I was able to see these lies and start really helping people reach their investing goals. This 10-page guide is the product of that work, detailing the biggest investing lies and how you can avoid the hype.[/text_block]

Barbara A. Friedberg

Barbara A. Friedberg, Friedberg Personal Finance

Joseph brings top credentials and real world experience to investment education in this book. Learn smart investing tenets that work.

Nick Loper

Nick Loper, Side Hustle Nation

Joseph uses his years of market experience to lay out a simple yet effective investment plan.

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[text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]This isn’t some weak checklist of ideas. You’ll get more than 10-pages packed with more than a decade of experience and it’s absolutely free with nothing to buy.

  • Learn why most investors lose money and how to avoid the major traps
  • How to put together a personal investment plan built on YOUR needs and how to find your retirement magic number
  • The truth about investing and how you may not even need stocks to reach your goals
  • How I invest my own money without spending a fortune on fees and commissions


Meet the Author

Joseph Hogue, CFA

I’ve worked as an investment analyst for more than a decade, working for wealthy investors and venture capital funds. I have appeared on Bloomberg as an expert in emerging market investing and my analysis has been published on professional market sites like Morningstar and Barron’s. I hold the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, the gold standard for professionalism and ethical conduct in investment management.

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