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Giveaway with everything you need to start investing and be a better investor

Most investors think all you need to grow your portfolio is a couple hours a week watching CNBC. It’s a big reason why the average investor earned just 4.6% a year over the last decade, way under the 8% return on the market.

I spent more than a decade working for venture capital firms and private wealth clients helping them put together an investing strategy that actually works. Now I’m sharing everything I learned to show you how investing really works and how to meet your financial goals.

Giving Away Everything I’ve Learned to Make You a Better Investor

To grow my Instagram profile, I’m running a contest to give away all the books and courses I’ve created to start investing and making your money work for you. I’ve always loved talking about stocks and creating an investing strategy. Now is your chance to get it all for FREE!

That’s four books on investing PLUS access to the six-hour video course that will show you step-by-step how to create an investing strategy customized to YOUR needs – all told, it's worth $350 but you can win it free!

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The Entire Step-by-Step Investing Series

The step-by-step investing series is a great way to get started investing with four quick reads on different topics. You’ll find everything you need to get started in stocks and bonds, creating a portfolio that will reach your goals.

Step-by-Step Investing is the first book in the series and a great introduction to investing in stocks. From understanding the stock market to picking the right stocks for your needs, you’ll find it all right here. I start you off with the truth about investing and the lies Wall Street tells investors. Then I walk you through setting up an online investing account and planning your life-long investing strategy.

best bond investing books 2017

Step-by-Step Bond Investing is one of my most popular books and for good reason. Most investors neglect bond investing and lose hundreds of thousands when the stock market crashes. Bonds offer your best opportunity to grow your nest egg and protect your money.

I’ll explain how bonds work and why every investor needs these investments. Then I’ll walk you through the four types of bond investments and how to invest in each. Finally, I’ll show you how to create an easy bond investing strategy for solid cash flow and protection.

Step-by-Step Emerging Markets Investing brings you into one of the best opportunities in stocks. Emerging market stocks are companies based in faster-growing parts of the world and produce some of the highest growth potential in the market. I’ll start by walking you through the investment theme as well as the risks and benefits.

Then I’ll reveal the three biggest regions in emerging market investing and how to invest in each. I’ll show you the best stocks in each market and how to grow your portfolio.

best dividend investing books 2017

Step-by-Step Dividend Investing is an Amazon best-seller in the Investing category and a fan favorite on the blog. Dividend investing is by far the most popular strategy among investors and I’m sharing three income investments you can’t pass up.

I’ll start by showing you why dividend stocks beat the market and how to pick the best dividend investments. I’ll then reveal two other income investments that will produce massive cash flow and growth. I’ll show you how to invest in real estate through investment trusts and how to get a special tax break with MLPs.

Create a Simple, Stress-Free Investing Strategy for YOUR Goals

This six-hour investing course shows you exactly how to invest your money from start to finish. I take everything I learned helping private wealth clients manage their money and apply it to this easy video course.

We’ll start by showing you how to find your magic number for retirement, the next egg you need to reach your goals. Included in the course is a worksheet that automatically finds your financial needs through a few simple questions.

I show you how to understand your investor type and how to pick the best stocks for your portfolio. Then I’ll share 14 example portfolios for investing in every decade of your life plus three retirement investing strategies.

Click through here to lets_talk_money_josephhogue on Instagram and enter the contest. Three lucky winners will be selected at random on 12/18 and will receive all four books and access to the Stress-Free Investing Strategy course…all completely FREE!

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