Investing Resources and Reviews

These are some of the investing resources I use and some investing reviews that you might want to check out

I was an equity analyst for nearly a decade before I started this blog. I’ve worked for individual investors and for multi-million dollar venture capital firms. I’ve seen hundreds of investing tools and resources but only the ones I use make it on the page.

Try out a few of the investing sites and tools below and let me know what you think. Let me know if you’ve found one that should be listed on the resources page.

Online Investing Sites and Resources

I started my professional career as a real estate analyst and have invested in residential properties since my mid-20s. Real estate investing has always held a special place in my portfolio and has helped smooth out risks in my stock portfolio.

One of the most exciting developments I’ve seen in the last several years is the rise of real estate crowdfunding. I still invest directly in real estate by buying individual properties but investing in crowdfunding deals gives me instant diversification in property types and regions for a fraction of the cost.

RealtyShares is the leader in real estate crowd sites and recently acquired another platform to bring more deals to investors. More than 30,000 investors have funded $300 million in equity and debt investments across commercial and residential real estate.

RealtyShares has a strong vetting process and only about 5% of the submitted deals get listed on the platform. Investors pay a 1% annual management fee and can invest as little as $1,000 in individual deals.

I follow several real estate crowdfunding sites to get access to as many deals as possible. Since the industry is still fairly new, most sites only list five or ten deals a month. It costs nothing extra to have accounts on multiple platforms since you only pay fees on invested capital.

PeerStreet specializes in real estate debt investments, bonds secured against the property. Debt investments are usually for one- to three-years and target returns of between 8% to 12% a year. I use these debt investments to balance out the higher risk on equity investments.

real estate crowdfunding investing

EquityMultiple is a newer real estate crowdfunding site but only accepts deals of institutional-quality properties. That means the deals are also backed by big money players with the resources to help the developer make the property a success. Debt investments generally target between 8% to 12% annual return while equity deals target returns of 13% or higher with cash flow.

TD Ameritrade is probably the best all-around online investing option. It’s $10 per trade fee isn’t the lowest but it’s pretty close. The site offers more research reports than I get on other online investing websites so that’s important when I want to look deeper at a stock or sector. The website also offers more than 100 exchange traded funds in which you can invest commission-free. That’s a tough deal to turn down so I buy most of my ETF funds through TD Ameritrade.

Personal Finance Resources

Personal Capital is an online tool that helps you track and manage all your personal finances in one place. You connect your bank accounts, investment accounts, credit cards and bills to the system and it does the rest. You’ll be able to see everything together in some great charts and graphics. The site helps to manage everything through tools including budgeting, investment checkup, bill pay and a really detailed retirement planner.

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Wealthsimple is the most popular robo-advisor and can make investing as hands-free as possible. The investing site starts by helping you put together your goals and how much return you need. It then suggests an investing strategy through asset allocation that has the best chance of meeting your goals.

I put Wealthsimple here in the personal finance resources because it doesn’t really seem like an investing site. You don’t pick stocks or investments with Wealthsimple. The site does everything for you through buying ETFs that meet your investing needs and then charging a per month fee. You pay between 0.15% and 0.35% of your balance for the service and the robo-investing platform rebalances your investments whenever they vary from the target. The site will even automate your tax-loss harvesting by selling some of your losing investments towards the end of the year to offset any gains and reduce your capital gains taxes.

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Insurance and Banking Resources – I’ve had an account with USAA since I was in the Marine Corps in 2001 and recommend it to everyone I meet. It isn’t strictly for members of the military. You can open an account if your parents ever had auto or property insurance with them or if you’ve had a family member in the military. The company offers a full range of services including auto and life insurance, credit cards, banking and investment services. Customer service is one of USAA’s strong points and I haven’t had a complaint in more than 15 years.

Peer Lending Investing Resources

Lending Club Investing is the world’s largest peer lending platform with more than $16 billion in loans originated through 2015. Peer lending has become a great asset class for investors with the stability in cash flows you get from bonds and the higher returns you’d expect in stocks. Many investors still see peer lending as an ‘alternative’ asset class but it won’t be long before it’s an implied part of everyone’s portfolio.

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