3 Lending Club Investing Strategies for Safety and Returns

A review of Lending Club investing and three strategies for different types of investorsI’ve been surprised how slow investors have been to take up Lending Club investing and peer loans but any … [Read More...]

5 Stocks to Buy Now for the Next 30 Years

Buy stocks now that will stand the test of time and pay you to invest.We love talking about the hot stocks here on the blog but what about the stocks you can buy and know they’ll produce solid … [Read More...]

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5 Best Investing Websites [Stock Market Apps I Use]

The best investment apps and websites ranked for best research, no-cost investing and other features.

3 Best Penny Stocks to Buy Right Now

Three penny stocks to buy in 2019 that could mean huge returns for your portfolio. How I find penny stocks with a simple stock screen.

3 Dividend Stocks the Experts are Buying Now

Get these dividend stocks before activist investors for huge returns. Best stocks for 2019 on big money interest and upside.

Sector Investing and Business Cycle Phases for Market-Beating Returns

Use this business cycle graph to plan your sector investing strategy around the natural phases in the economic cycle Investors have a horrible track record of timing the market, trying to buy low and sell high. The range of short-term factors that play on investor sentiment makes it nearly impossible to judge exactly where stocks […]

What Should Your Investments Look Like in Your 40s?

Keeping your investments on track in your 40s means shifting asset classes becomes even more important Click through to nearly any investing website and you’ll find the same thing, a collection of individual stock picks and ways to ‘beat the market’. It’s this one-size-fits-all investment strategy, trying to pick stocks for the highest return possible, […]

Robo Financial Advisors Explained [How to Get Started Automated Investing]

Finding the right robo-advisor is a matter of knowing which features are best for you.We’ve been talking about robo financial advisors, what they are and how they take the stress out of investing. … [Read More...]

3 Highest Dividend Paying Stocks Safe from a Crash

Look for safety and growth in these high-paying dividend stocksThe market just had its worst week of the year, falling every day last week. Does that mean a stock market crash is coming and what … [Read More...]

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