My Penny Stock List for 100%+ Returns

How to Create a List of Penny Stocks to Watch for Huge Returns Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue here with Let’s Talk Money and back with one of the most highly-requested topics from you in the … [Read More...]

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5 Dividend Aristocrats You Can Hold Forever

How to Find the Best Stocks in the Dividend Aristocrats Fund We’re seeing the death of dividends with even companies that have paid out decades of yields cutting their cash payout. In this … [Read More...]

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Stock Market Predictions 2020 [Best Rebound Stock Sectors]

How to make your own stock market forecast for 2020 Which are the sectors of the economy that will rebound the fastest? Can stock market predictions and a little market history help you take advantage of the lower prices for huge returns in the rest of the year? In this video, we’ll look at some […]

Make Investing about YOU with a Personal Investment Plan

Make an investing strategy that’s right for YOUR needs with a personal investment plan Want to know the worst mistake in investing, the mistake almost all individual investors make? It’s a mistake that causes the average investor to lose money and underperform the stock market by a wide margin. Even after the worst stock market […]

A Monthly Dividend Stock Portfolio You Can Count On

Cash flow every month with these dividend stocks and ETFs The stock market crash means dividend cuts and falling stock prices, so how do you know which dividend stocks are going to survive? How do you put together a dividend portfolio that will not only keep that cash flow coming but eventually rebound for double-digit […]

Annuity Definition and 5 Ways to Pay for Retirement

How to use an Income Annuity to Guarantee Retirement Income What is an income annuity and how can it help you close that income gap in retirement? In this video, I’ll show you how an annuity can guarantee income for you or a loved one in retirement. Then I’ll reveal five more ways to close […]

5 Best Investing Books YOU MUST Read to Make Money

Five Books on Investing to Get You Started Making Money With over 20,000 investing books in the Kindle store alone, how do you find the best that are going to help you make more money? In this video, I’ll share feedback from the community on their top investing books, then I’ll reveal the five best […]

How to Start a 529 Plan [Easy App Quick-Start]

Starting a 529 Plan can be easy after you find the one that fits your needs Starting a 529 college savings account is crucial to starting your kids right but can be SO confusing! In this video, … [Read More...]

3 Best Real Estate Stocks and 3 to Avoid in 2020

Protecting your money in real estate stocks means understanding the property types Real estate stocks are crashing with the rest of the market with the index down 30% since January. Why aren’t … [Read More...]

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5 Steps for Picking the Best 529 Plan in Any State

There are more than 100 state 529 plans available. These college savings accounts are a great way to save and get those tax breaks, but how can anyone compare all those plans? In this video, I’ll reveal the five biggest factors to compare and find the best 529 plan in any state. Comparing 529 College […]

7 Ways to Beat Capital Gains Taxes [Saved $1.2 Million]

Save thousands on capital gains taxes with seven secret tax tricks Death and Taxes, the only two certainties in life but only one should be something you worry about. In this video, I’ve got seven strategies to beat capital gains taxes and lower your total tax bill. In fact, working private wealth planning years ago, […]

How to Buy Physical Gold [Step-by-Step]

Easy process to buy physical gold bullion for the ultimate safety asset Investing in physical gold is the ultimate safety asset but unless you’re Prospector Pete, you better know how to buy bullion. In this video, I’ll show you the pros and cons of buying physical gold then reveal the platform I’m using to buy […]

Buying Gold as an Investment [5 Ways to Do It RIGHT]

Gold is hot with the market collapse and this could be the asset that saves your portfolio. But investing in gold is more than just calling in to that 3am infomercial. What are the best ways to invest in gold and the pros and cons of each? In this video, I’ll reveal five ways to […]

3 Top Penny Stocks to Make You a Millionaire in 2020

Penny stocks are one of the few investments that can make you truly rich fast You know penny stocks can make you rich but how do you find the ones for that triple-digit return? With just as many of these small cap stocks losing as winning, how do you find the best penny stocks to […]