Investment App Comparison [Webull vs Robinhood vs M1 Finance]

Why I'm switching to Webull for stock market trading It’s not which free investment app is best but which is best for you. Which is going to have the features you need to reach your goals. I’ll … [Read More...]

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What is the Average Stock Market Return?

The average stock market return might not be what you think. After a decade-long bull market, what can you really expect from the market? What’s the average stock market return and what's a … [Read More...]

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Best Stocks Under $10 You Never Heard of [But Should Buy Now]

How to Find Stocks Under 10 Dollars for High Returns I’ve found five stocks under $10 a share that have returned an average of 110% so far this year…and they could be just getting started! These small-cap, penny stocks are flying under Wall Street’s radar and are staring down huge catalysts for growth. In this […]

Next Stock Market Crash is Coming [How to Prepare and Invest]

The next stock market crash is coming and sooner than anyone expects. Five reasons the next crash could happen in 2020 and how to invest ahead of time.

5 Monthly Dividend Stocks that Will Never Let You Down

Don’t wait for a recession or market crash to protect your money. These five monthly dividend stocks will cash flow every month and protect your portfolio.

How Many Shares of Stock to Make $1,000 a Month? [7 Popular Stocks]

How much stock should you buy? How to invest for cash flow every single month.

How to Invest Before a Stock Market Crash

Learn the warning signs to a 2020 recession and how to invest before a stock market crash The sky is falling for the stock market lately. The worst three days of the year for the S&P 500 have all been in August and seven of the worst 10 days have been since May. In fact, […]

Best Fidelity Index Funds for the Easiest Investing Strategy Ever

A simple Fidelity passive-index fund portfolio to meet your needs. Sometimes the easiest investing strategy really is the best. I’m using just three Fidelity index funds to create the easiest … [Read More...]

10 Best Real Estate Books to Build Your Empire in 2020

Must read real estate investing books for every type of property investor 2020 is almost here and you need to get started if it’s going to be the year you build your real estate empire! No other … [Read More...]

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Use this business cycle graph to plan your sector investing strategy around the natural phases in the economic cycle Investors have a horrible track record of timing the market, trying to buy low and sell high. The range of short-term factors that play on investor sentiment makes it nearly impossible to judge exactly where stocks […]

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