How to 5X Interest on Your Money | Best Interest Rate Strategies

Read on as I teach you how to earn more on your cash savings and more proven interest rate strategies without risking on stocks. Last year, all you had to do was throw money at the market to see it … [Read More...]

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Stock Trading is KILLING Your Returns | Here’s How to Do it Right!

The average investor made just 2.9% a year in the two decades to 2020…and most investors don’t even know it! They miss this silent killer in their stocks and have no idea why their portfolio goes … [Read More...]

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How Long Does it Take to Get RICH? | 10 Millionaire Strategies

In this post, learn about the millionaire strategies that I used to achieve my money goals and how to be smart and consistent at them. I put together a poster a few years ago on the ages the richest in the world made their fortunes. It was a fun little motivational project but it got […]

Top 10 DUMBEST Things Said on Wall Street

Find out the pieces of worst investment advice by the world’s biggest investors and know what they really mean. Hey Bow Tie Nation, here with a fun video today but no less important to making you a better investor because today, we’re counting down the top 10 dumbest things said on Wall Street…the ten investing […]

Online Investing Sites Review: 9 Best Options for You

Investing is just as much about finding the best online investing website for your needs as it is about big returns. Use this online investing sites review for your best option. When people ask me which investing website I recommend, they’re usually surprised to hear that I invest on five online investing sites. I use […]

When to Sell Your Cryptocurrency | 3 Strategies to Lock Profits

With your rapidly growing crypto portfolio, aren’t you wondering when is the best time to sell cryptocurrency to secure your profits? Here are three powerful strategies to help you out! Hey Bow Tie Nation, all you out there in the Nation know, I’ve gone cuckoo for crypto-puffs this year. Now while I’m a long-term investor, […]

7 Best Monthly Dividend Funds

My favorite monthly dividend ETFs for cash flow and safety There’s only one thing better than finding that perfect dividend stock with a high yield, even better is when it takes the risk out of your portfolio and puts that cash in your pocket EVERY SINGLE MONTH! In this video, I’ll show you why every […]

How to Become a Millionaire in Cryptocurrency | How Much Do You Need?

The sky's the limit when you decide investing in cryptocurrency and here is what it takes to become the next crypto millionaire! Becoming a crypto millionaire is THE big story this year…and I am … [Read More...]

5 Stocks to Buy Now for the Next 30 Years

Buy stocks now that will stand the test of time and pay you to invest. We love talking about the hot stocks here on the blog but what about the stocks you can buy and know they’ll produce solid … [Read More...]

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7 Monthly Dividend Funds and How to Find the Perfect ETF

Learn how to find the best monthly dividend funds for your portfolio that are well diversified and give consistent returns. Gettin’ paid every month plus the stress-free strategy of an ETF…what could be better?. There are more than 800 monthly dividend ETFs with more than 600 of those underperforming the market…how can you possibly find […]

My Dividend Income Portfolio for Daily Cash Flow

Dividends EVERY SINGLE DAY! You know that rush you get seeing a dividend hit your account, how about getting that dividend income every day of the month! In this video, I’ll show you how to create a dividend income portfolio that will not only create that cash flow but produce dividend yields twice the market […]

The Hidden Value in Cryptocurrencies | The $80 Billion-Dollar Truth

Learn how the blockchain drives value in cryptocurrencies and the five best cryptocurrencies to buy right now! Hedge fund billionaire John Paulson says cryptocurrencies are a worthless bubble and “there’s no intrinsic value other than a limited supply.” In this post, find out more on the intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies. Now, I’m not sure why […]

5 Best Short-Term Investments to Make Now

Here are short-term investing strategies you need to take advantage now. You know we usually talk long-term investing in the Let’s Talk Money channel, that buy-and-hold strategy for your financial future…but sometimes you just need fast cash so you need to get a hold of the best short-term investing strategies out there. Sometimes you can’t […]

3 Passive Income Investing Strategies Explained

How to create passive income with three of my favorite investing strategies You wake up, you work, you go to bed. You wake up, you work, you go to bed. Sound familiar? I don’t claim to have solved the meaning of life but I’m pretty sure we weren’t meant to work our lives away. And […]