3 Dividend Stocks that Will Pay for Your iPhone

You might be wondering now if it's really possible for dividend stocks to pay for your brand new iPhone upfront. I will be giving you easy to follow strategies for that. The new iPhone is coming … [Read More...]

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5 Insider Trades that Will Make You Rich

How to Use Insider Trading and Information for Market-Beating Returns! Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue here with Let’s Talk Money and a video today that can make you rich. Nation, we’ve done … [Read More...]

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The Secret Reason to Buy Bitcoin Now instead of Waiting

Here’s why you should never fret investing in Bitcoin regardless of the price dips and the major reason to buy Bitcoin now. If you’re investing in bitcoin or have thought about it, I’m about to make your life infinitely less stressful. In this video, I’ll show you how much bitcoin is worth, why it could […]

3 Telemedicine Stocks You Never Heard of but Should Buy Now

Know the best telemedicine stocks on the watch and why you should invest in them now. Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue with the Let’s Talk Money channel and a few stock picks for one of the most interesting post-pandemic trends I’m watching. According to the RAND Corporation, just 4% of the U.S. population accessed […]

5 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy to Protect Your Future

5 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Secure the Future In this video, I’m starting a series of videos that is going to put you in front of some of the biggest trends of the future! More and more investors are getting into the artificial intelligence wave. AI seems to be getting more attention as they give […]

5 Stocks to Buy Now Even if the Market Crashes

Tired of news about the market crashing? Here are stocks to buy now and mind you, these are not just ordinary stocks. These are forever stocks that you can hold and profit for long term. I’m tired. I’m tired of constantly having to find new stocks to buy and then wondering when to sell. What […]

3 Small Cap Stocks to Buy in June for Big Returns

One of the best segments of the market, a group of stocks that has beaten the market by 88% over two decades, is almost completely ignored by most investors. In this video, I’ll show you why small cap stocks need to be a part of your portfolio and how to find the best. I’ll then […]

5 Ways to Invest 500 Dollars NOW

Make your money go further with these best ways to invest 500 dollars 500 dollars isn’t going far with most investments so how can you put that money to work for the highest return but without … [Read More...]

7 Highest Return Monthly Dividend Stocks for Growth and Dividends

Find the Best Monthly Dividend Stocks with the Highest Returns and Never Think Twice Nation, a few weeks ago I showed you the seven monthly dividend stocks I use for constant cash flow and it … [Read More...]

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How Do Stocks Work? And Other Stock Market for Beginner Questions

Know How Stocks Work and What to Consider Before Buying Stocks That Make More Money! It turns out, investing in stocks is more than just scrolling through a bunch of memes on Facebook. Who Knew, right? Stocks or Stonks, Shares or Equities. Whatever you want to call them, in this video, I’m going to give […]

5 MicroCap Penny Stocks to Watch [Stocks under $5]

Look to these Smallest Penny Stock Companies for the Highest Returns! Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue here with the Let’s Talk Money channel and another penny stocks list that could make you A LOT of MONEY! Two of our best penny stocks picks from the prior video are up 18- and 20% in just […]

Best Stocks and the Worst in My 2021 Portfolio

Sharing my Best Stocks and Also the Least Performing Ones from my 2021 Portfolio Our 2021 Bow Tie Nation portfolio is up 30% and beating the market by 20% but not all of the stocks have been big winners and a few are even down double-digits. In this video, I’ll reveal those biggest winners or […]

7 Penny Stocks to Buy Now for the Commodities Super-Cycle

Best Penny Stocks to Buy in the Commodity Space All you out there in the Nation know, I love my penny stocks. This goes all the way back to my days as a venture capital analyst, finding these tiny companies with big potential. You also know, we’ve been following the commodities boom pretty closely. The […]

Ultimate Guide How to Invest Money for Beginners

This Guide on How to Invest is Your Key to Investing Right In a poll of new investors, over half reported making more than 25% on their investments in the last year and two in ten had made a 50% return or more. If your money isn’t working for you, you are LOSING money! In […]