Top 5 Stocks to Buy for the Delivery Drone Revolution

Drone Delivery Stocks to Buy Now in the Name of Revolution Global drone delivery revenue is expected to be a $67 billion market opportunity by 2025 and to jump four-fold to $275 billion by 2030. … [Read More...]

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Top 5 Clean Energy Penny Stocks to Buy on Sale

Clean Energy Penny Stocks with Big Opportunities for Growth Clean energy stocks were THE theme last year with the clean energy fund posting a 177% return. After a big drop in February, these stocks … [Read More...]

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Top 5 Stocks to Buy in the 3D Printing Revolution

3D Printing Stocks You Should Never Miss ARK Invest has $658 million in 3D printing stocks including $654 million in the five stocks I’ll highlight in this video. The theme is a $490 billion market that is just starting to realize its full potential. How to Find the Top 3D Printing Stocks to Buy In […]

Top 7 Car Stocks for a Self-Driving Future

Top 7 Car Stocks to Invest for the Future of Self-Driving Now we are having a video for what could be the biggest investing theme for the next decade, self-driving cars! Not only will autonomous vehicles change the way we drive but will represent a massive change in everything from public transportation, parking and even […]

3 Stocks to Buy April 2021 for a Second Chance at Returns

3 Stocks to Buy April 2021 Before Everything Goes Up The stock market is giving us a second chance on the best stocks of 2021 and we’re loading up. In this video, we’ll review our 2021 stock market portfolio already beating the market by 23%, then I’ll reveal the three stocks I’m buying in April. […]

5 Cannabis Penny Stocks for Higher Returns

Cannabis Penny Stocks to Make More Money We’re up an average 46% on our previous cannabis stock picks with GW Pharmaceuticals jumping 80% on a buyout. In this video, I’ll show you how to find marijuana penny stocks for even higher returns and highlight five stocks to buy right now. We’re talking cannabis penny stocks, […]

Top 5 Virtual Reality Stocks to Create Real Wealth

Virtual Reality Stocks to Make You Rich… or Even Richer! The market for augmented reality products could surge 130-fold over the next decade with revenue for virtual worlds approaching $400 billion by 2025 for 59% annualized growth! In this video, I’ll use research from Ark Invest and my favorite stock screener to show you how […]

Bitcoin vs Ethereum for Higher Return | Value Analysis and Targets

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum Value Analysis and Targets After we did our bitcoin price prediction video two weeks ago and the Ethereum price video last week, the comments blew up asking which is the better … [Read More...]

5 Space Stocks to Buy Before the ARKX Launch

5 Space Stocks to Buy Before the ARKX Launch Bow Tie Nation! Joseph Hogue here and Nation, the space race is on! And that’s about as much of that as I can play without getting sued but let’s just … [Read More...]

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7 Cryptocurrency Prices and Predictions…and Which to Buy

7 Cryptocurrency Prices and Predictions and Which to Buy Cryptocurrencies are changing the way we think about money and it’s not just the bitcoin. In this video, I’ll show you how to find prices on seven cryptocurrencies and then reveal price predictions on each including Ethereum, Litecoin and Stablecoins. Cryptocurrencies as This Years’s Asset Class […]

5 New Tech Penny Stocks to Watch in 2021

New Tech Penny Stocks to Watch in 2021 Hey Bowtie Nation, Joseph Hogue here with the Let’s Talk Money channel and a special penny stocks video for you today! Nation, we’re covering some amazing themes in our Ark Invest Big Ideas series. We’re digging into that research on the 15 biggest themes and the stocks […]

3 Stocks to Buy March 2021 for the Great Reopening

3 Stocks to Buy March 2021 Consumers are about to pump $2.5 trillion into the economy and it could mean booming stock prices! In this video, I’ll show you exactly what to look for in reopening stocks and the stocks to watch. I’ll then reveal three stocks to buy in March that could jump as […]

Bitcoin Value Analysis | How Much is Bitcoin Worth?

How Much is Bitcoin Worth? Bitcoin price predictions are all over the place, from $85,000 to one-hundred thousand and as high as half a million! In this video, we’ll look at two ways to find how much Bitcoin is worth. I’ll show you Bitcoin analysis based on investors as well as users and then reveal […]

Top 5 Stocks to Buy to Win the Streaming Wars

5 Streaming Stocks to Buy Now Streaming has become an unstoppable trend and it could be a $149 billion market by 2026. You know the popular players like Disney and Netflix, but in this video, I’ll uncover the best stocks you haven’t heard of, the top streaming stocks to buy to ride this trend. Video […]