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Do Electric Vehicles Make Silver the Investment of the Decade?

Exclusive interview and insight into investing in silver and the outlook for silver prices We’ve covered investing in gold here on the channel in the past. In fact, even after prices have come down lately, gold is still up 30% since recommending it on March 20th. But we haven’t talked nearly as much about the […]

7 Next Generation FAANG Stock to Buy Now

Finding the next FAANG stock means knowing where to look and the innovative companies to change the world You’re kicking yourself for not investing in Netflix and that 6,000% return over the last decade. You sold out of your Amazon stock too early, missing out on the 10-fold return it’s produced in the last five […]

5 Penny Stocks to Buy that Nobody is Watching

Penny stocks have the potential to make you rich, if you can find them before anyone else If you’ve ever jumped into a hot stock only to watch the price drop from under you, you know how important it is to be early. That’s the problem with most penny stocks, once everyone knows about the […]

What are the Highest Return Investments?

Cut through the noise for a ranking of the five highest return investments Turn on the TV or click over to your favorite investing website and you´re likely to get a dozen stock picks within the hour. The financial media loves to have you chasing stocks but are they really the best investment for your […]

10 Financial Ratios Every Investor Must Know

Important financial ratios you need to pick stocks Bow Tie Nation! What’s going on, your Bow Tie warrior here Joseph Hogue with the Let’s Talk Money channel, lovin’ this series of investing videos and today we’re bringing it all together with the 10 financial ratios every investor MUST know. Nation over the last two videos, […]

What Determines Stock Price? [5 Must-Watch Factors]

Five Factors that Determine if a Stock Price Rises or Falls When the market seems to be completely removed from reality, what determines stock price? What are the factors you can watch to know where stock prices are going? In this video, I’ll not only show you how stock prices are calculated but five forces […]