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5 Best Bank Stocks to Buy for 2020 [Warren Buffett Portfolio]

Bank stocks could be the best opportunity for value in 2020 I’ve got two reasons bank stocks are making a comeback in 2020 and I’m not the only one in on the action. Warren Buffett has over $75 billion invested in just five stocks in the financial sector. In this video, I’ll show you how […]

5 Best Health Care Stocks to Buy in 2020

The best health care stocks for 2020 and beyond to grow your portfolio Health care stocks have been getting hammered lately but that might mean it’s the perfect time to buy. I’ve screened through the two-thousand plus names in the sector to find five that should be on every investor’s radar for 2020. I’ll not […]

What is the Stock Market?

Basics of the Stock Market and some really weird history Do you know how the stock market works? What is the stock market and how does your cash get converted into shares of stock? In this video, I’ll share the weird birth of Wall Street along with how it really works when you buy or […]

5 Best Tech Stocks to Buy Now for 2020

Finding the best tech stocks to buy from 2,000+ in the market If you want growth and returns, there’s no better stock sector than tech. The technology companies in the S&P 500 have doubled the market return over the last five years and it may just be getting started! In this video, I’ll show you […]

What is the Average Stock Market Return?

What is the average stock market return and what will it be over the next 10 years? Research-driven answer and how to invest right now!

Is Microsoft Stock Price Too Much of a Good Thing?

Shares of Microsoft have surged 200% in five years but how much is left? Complete stock price analysis including analyst estimates.