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How to Become a Millionaire in Cryptocurrency | How Much Do You Need?

The sky’s the limit when you decide investing in cryptocurrency and here is what it takes to become the next crypto millionaire! Becoming a crypto millionaire is THE big story this year…and I am sooo over it! OK, I get it. You were smart while the big dummies like myself waited to start investing. But […]

5 Royalty Trusts to Buy for Massive Cash Flow

Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue here with the Let’s Talk Money channel and a video for all you dividend investors out there! Now all you out there in the Nation know, I love me some dividends. Dividends have accounted for nearly half the total return on stocks over time, 42% of the stock market […]

3 Small Cap Stocks to Buy in June for Big Returns

One of the best segments of the market, a group of stocks that has beaten the market by 88% over two decades, is almost completely ignored by most investors. In this video, I’ll show you why small cap stocks need to be a part of your portfolio and how to find the best. I’ll then […]

3 Stocks to Buy February 2021 and Complete Your Portfolio

3 Stocks to Buy in February 2021 Hey Bow-Tie Nation, in this video not only am I going to share three stocks I’m buying for our 2021 portfolio but I’ll share one of the most important lessons in investing. Our portfolio on has surged over the past few months, up 32% and beating the […]

How Investment Fees Eat Away At Your Wealth

Do you know how much you are paying in investment fees each year? Better yet, do you know how much you have paid in total since you first began investing? I bet the answer to these questions is no. This is a bad thing. You need to know how much you are paying in fees […]

How Does a 401K Work? [How to Get a 50% Return]

Are you missing out on your piece of $24 billion in retirement savings? That’s how much Americans lose every year for not knowing how a 401k works!