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Ultimate Guide How to Invest Money for Beginners

This Guide on How to Invest is Your Key to Investing Right In a poll of new investors, over half reported making more than 25% on their investments in the last year and two in ten had made a 50% return or more. If your money isn’t working for you, you are LOSING money! In […]

Inflation Proof Stocks for the Coming Dollar Destruction

Learn how to recognize a possible inflation, what causes it and what to invest to inflation-proof your portfolio and have inflation make you richer. You’ve heard of the stories about hyperinflation in Germany after the first World War. Having to pay for the war, the government turned to printing money for social programs and to […]

How Stocks are Taxed and 5 Ways to Beat the Tax Man

How Stocks are Taxed and Helpful Tips to Legally Pay Taxes for Less! The penalty for not reporting stocks on your taxes can be as high as 75% of what you owe up to $275,000 and even jail time. But that doesn’t mean you should be paying more than you owe! In this video, I’ll […]

5 Industrial Stocks to Buy for a 2021 Rebound

Industrial stocks could be the recovery story of the year in 2021 Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue here with the Let’s Talk Money channel and another video in our 2021 investing series covering all the best stocks to buy for those higher returns next year. And Nation, today we’re covering five stocks from a […]

How to Beat ARK Funds Guaranteed

How to Invest in the ARK Funds and Save Thousands The ARK Funds are on fire this year! Easily the most popular stock funds with market busting returns! The ARK Next Generation Internet, ticker ARKW, has surged 135% over the past year. The flagship ARK Innovation fund, the ARKK etf has jumped 126%. Even lagging […]

5 Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever [Forever Stock Portfolio]

Bow Tie Nation! Joseph Hogue here with the Let’s Talk Money channel and Nation, it has been a crazy year for the market…maybe the craziest ever. First came the fastest stock market crash in history, with the S&P plunging 34% in just 23 trading days. Then came the fastest rebound in history, taking the market […]