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5 Best Utility Stocks to Buy Now for 2020 [Massive Cash Return]

How to find utility stocks to buy that will protect your money For cash flow and safety, utility stocks are the best investments you can make but you have to know which ones to buy. How do you find the best safety stocks for your portfolio? How do you know which utility stocks will help […]

Bull market vs bear market [Two Investing Strategies for Each]

I’ve got four investing strategies to take advantage of any stock market. Whether the bull market keeps charging or a bear market mauls investors, you’ll be ready to make money. In this video, we’ll look at the history of bull and bear markets as well as what has caused stocks to crash over the last […]

Best Stocks Under $10 You Never Heard of [But Should Buy Now]

How to Find Stocks Under 10 Dollars for High Returns I’ve found five stocks under $10 a share that have returned an average of 110% so far this year…and they could be just getting started! These small-cap, penny stocks are flying under Wall Street’s radar and are staring down huge catalysts for growth. In this […]

Dealing with the essential tools in trading

If you are worried about the trading plans, your mind also needs to think of the essential equipment needed. Without sorting things out with tools and strategies, you can never establish a career in Forex. The potential loss in your trading process will be high. At the same time, you will also experience frequent losses […]

Best Fidelity Index Funds for the Easiest Investing Strategy Ever

Sometimes the best investing strategy really is the easiest. A passive-index portfolio of Fidelity index funds to reach your goals.

Sector Investing and Business Cycle Phases for Market-Beating Returns

Use this business cycle graph to plan your sector investing strategy around the natural phases in the economic cycle Investors have a horrible track record of timing the market, trying to buy low and sell high. The range of short-term factors that play on investor sentiment makes it nearly impossible to judge exactly where stocks […]