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How Long Does it Take to Get RICH? | 10 Millionaire Strategies

In this post, learn about the millionaire strategies that I used to achieve my money goals and how to be smart and consistent at them. I put together a poster a few years ago on the ages the richest in the world made their fortunes. It was a fun little motivational project but it got […]

Best Stocks Under $10 You Never Heard of [But Should Buy Now]

How to Find Stocks Under 10 Dollars for High Returns I’ve found five stocks under $10 a share that have returned an average of 110% so far this year…and they could be just getting started! These small-cap, penny stocks are flying under Wall Street’s radar and are staring down huge catalysts for growth. In this […]

Best Investment: Equity Crowdfunding versus Stock Investing?

Equity crowdfunding offers higher returns on investment but how does it stack up on other factors versus stock investing? So maybe I’m a little biased to equity crowdfunding. As a venture capital analyst, I’ve seen the huge returns in startup investing compared to stock investing and I’m excited about the new asset class for regular […]

Ultimate Guide How to Invest Money for Beginners

This Guide on How to Invest is Your Key to Investing Right In a poll of new investors, over half reported making more than 25% on their investments in the last year and two in ten had made a 50% return or more. If your money isn’t working for you, you are LOSING money! In […]

Inflation Proof Stocks for the Coming Dollar Destruction

Learn how to recognize a possible inflation, what causes it and what to invest to inflation-proof your portfolio and have inflation make you richer. You’ve heard of the stories about hyperinflation in Germany after the first World War. Having to pay for the war, the government turned to printing money for social programs and to […]

How Stocks are Taxed and 5 Ways to Beat the Tax Man

How Stocks are Taxed and Helpful Tips to Legally Pay Taxes for Less! The penalty for not reporting stocks on your taxes can be as high as 75% of what you owe up to $275,000 and even jail time. But that doesn’t mean you should be paying more than you owe! In this video, I’ll […]