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3 Ways You’re Losing Money Investing [Real Costs]

How much are hidden fees and other investing costs holding you back from your goals? Almost every investor makes one of these three investing mistakes and just one of them costs over $105,000. That means missed goals and more stress than you need. The investing ‘entertainment’ industry is set up to keep you scared and […]

3 Reasons a Stock Crash Doesn’t Matter [and Protection When it Does]

Learn why a stock market crash doesn’t matter to reaching your investing goals and what to do instead The market is on edge lately. Inflation is creeping up, the Federal Reserve is taking away the easy money policy that was boosting stock prices and the stock market is at a price-to-earnings it’s only been at […]

10 Steps to Protect Yourself from Investment Scams

Investment fraud can happen to anyone but these ten steps will protect you from losing your money Investment scams and fraud don’t just happen to the wealthy. From phone scams targeting seniors to decades-long Ponzi schemes such as the one run by Bernie Madoff, anyone can be the target of investment fraud. One way to […]

How Investing Became an Entertainment Industry

One of the biggest investing lies keeps you paying fees and losing money Why does the average investor earn just 4.6% a year on stocks when the market grows 8% plus on average? Because Wall Street and the so-called investing experts lie to you. This is the first in our five-part series, the five biggest […]

Emergency Funds Put Your Money to Sleep. Do this Instead.

There’s no reason to lose money on your emergency fund if you follow this strategy. The conventional wisdom is that you need to set aside between three- and six-months’ worth of expenses in an emergency fund. This money is meant to pay for big, unplanned expenses like healthcare or for regular living expenses if you […]

Stocks vs Funds: Beat the Market or Beat Your Goals

Use a stress-free investing strategy in funds and still beat your goals Turn to your favorite investing channel or click through to just about any financial blog and all you hear is stocks, stocks, stocks. Everyone is trying to find that next stock that will make them rich. But is that the best way to […]