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Investing in the Next Beyond Meat [Plant Based Trends]

Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue with the Let’s Talk Money channel and a special video for you today. One of the hottest investments last year was Beyond Meat with its stock surging 260% from the IPO. We’ve gotten a lot of questions from you in the Nation about investing in plant-based foods and I’ve […]

3 Best Cannabis Stocks and Why Invest NOW

The two forces building for cannabis stocks and why you need to invest now Cannabis stocks are at a multi-year low with the Alternative Harvest ETF down 67% from its 2018 high but that could all change within a few months. Two factors are lining up that could take marijuana stocks to new highs and […]

3 Zombie Companies that Will Destroy Your Money

Zombie Stocks are Everywhere and Could Destroy Your Portfolio! The zombie apocalypse is coming but it’s not at your front door, it’s in your bank account. Zombie companies threaten to not only destroy your portfolio but could trap the economy for decades. In this video, I’ll explain zombie companies, show you what this means for […]

How to Invest in Gold Stocks [Insider Interview]

Should you invest in gold or gold stocks and how to get started Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue with the Let’s Talk Money channel and a special video for you today. Those of you in the Nation will remember, we did a series on investing in gold four months ago, March 20th was the […]

Why Prices of Gold and Silver Deviate Through the Years

Throughout the centuries, gold and silver have been valued by people due to their important characteristics. One reason people like to accumulate gold and silver is they know that they can sell their stash once the price of either starts to rise. By themselves, gold and silver don’t change in value since they’re inert metals. […]

3 Shocking Ways the Stock Market is Rigged Against You

The stock market is rigged against Main Street investors but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money Over nearly a decade working with venture capital firms and providing investment analysis for wealthy clients, I saw just how rigged the stock market is against everyday investors. It’s not exactly like Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street but […]