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5 Best ESG Stocks to Buy for Socially Responsible Investing

How to find the best ESG stocks without sacrificing returns I was always skeptical of ESG stocks and socially responsible investing, thinking it was going to hurt my returns. Researching some of these stocks though, I was SOOO wrong. In fact, one of the ESG companies we’ll look at today has produced a 30% annual […]

5 Insider Trades that Will Make You Rich

How to Use Insider Trading and Information for Market-Beating Returns! Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue here with Let’s Talk Money and a video today that can make you rich. Nation, we’ve done really well this year with some amazing returns like a 200% return on Fastly, and returns of 160% on Teledoc and Zscaler. […]

3 Best SPAC Stocks to Buy Now

SPAC stocks are hot but do you know the risks and how to analyze blank check companies? SPAC stocks are the hottest investment of the year with one popular pick up 421% in less than a year! But there’s a reason they call these blank check companies and you MUST understand the risks before you […]

5 Best Utility Stocks to Buy for Dividends

Protect your money and get higher dividend yields with these utility stocks With COVID cases topping 200,000 a day last week and distribution of a vaccine still at least a month away, the market could be in for a very difficult few months. It’s times like this, I’m looking for some certainty and safety in […]

These 5 Stocks Just Got the Green Light to Buy

These stocks are surging after the election and could go even higher One group of stocks is booming after the election, with some up seven- and 10% and more in a single day. In fact, this group had its 10th best single-day return going all the way back to 1998 and on four-times the normal […]

5 Stocks to Buy Before Big Earnings Surprises

Third Quarter 2020 Earnings Could Blow-Up the Stock Market…Here’s How to Invest Research has proven that volatility increases around earnings announcements and up to half of the year’s total stock market returns are produced around the handful of months companies are reporting those profits. That’s during normal years and you know 2020 has been anything […]