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5 Safe Monthly Dividend Stocks that Will Never Let You Down

Don’t wait for a recession or market crash to protect your money. These five monthly dividend stocks will cash flow every month and protect your portfolio.

Best Stocks and the Worst and How to Invest 2022

In this post, we’ll review the best and worst stocks in the portfolio so far, and reveal the best way to invest in 2022! Our Bow Tie Nation portfolio is up almost 30% this year and beating the market by 13%! That’s a return any portfolio manage would sell his soul to achieve but it’s […]

7 Best Tech Stocks to Buy for 2022

Tech stocks are apparently booming each year and here are the tech stocks to buy for higher returns no matter where the market goes! No other sector has produced the kind of returns you get from tech stocks. Stocks in the Tech Select Sector ETF, the XLK, produced returns of 35% and higher in three […]

5 Best Value Stocks to Play for the Long-Term Investor

Why you need to learn value investing and my favorite value stocks for long term investing Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue here and it has been a wild year for stocks with our Bow Tie Nation portfolio up 25% and beating the market by more than 11% so far, but not all stocks have […]

5 Best Investments for 2022 and the 5 that Will Lose Your Money

Looking to start the new year with a bang? Here are the best investments worth looking forward to in 2022. Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue here and what could be one of the most important investing videos you watch for 2022. Nation, stocks are up nearly 40% in the last year…that’s the fourth best […]

Ex-Dividend Date and 3 Dividend Calendar Strategies

How to use the ex-dividend date to max your income investing returns. The most important dividend calendar dates and how to use them.