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7 Types of Stocks Every Investor Needs in Their Portfolio

Understanding the types of stocks and how they fit with your investing strategy will make you a more successful investor Getting started investing in stocks can be more than a little scary. Stocks can be confusing and complicated. Entire professions are spent understanding how to pick the right investments. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be […]

7 Best Monthly Dividend Funds

My favorite monthly dividend ETFs for cash flow and safety There’s only one thing better than finding that perfect dividend stock with a high yield, even better is when it takes the risk out of your portfolio and puts that cash in your pocket EVERY SINGLE MONTH! In this video, I’ll show you why every […]

What Your Investments Should Look Like in Your 20s

Step-by-step investments to make in your 20s, how young investors can put together a rock-solid portfolio to benefit from decades of compound interest It’s one of the biggest tragedies in personal finance. Young investors have a huge opportunity to get started investing, benefiting from decades of growing their money but they don’t know where to […]

Four of these Sample Stock Portfolios Beat the Stock Market

Four of my five sample stock portfolios beat the stock market and that’s just the beginning I have been investing on Motif Investing for just over a year and am a big fan of the new investing options on the website. Not only has Motif allowed me to create sample stock portfolios that are completely […]

5 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy to Protect Your Future

5 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Secure the Future In this video, I’m starting a series of videos that is going to put you in front of some of the biggest trends of the future! More and more investors are getting into the artificial intelligence wave. AI seems to be getting more attention as they give […]

5 Ways to Invest 500 Dollars NOW

Make your money go further with these best ways to invest 500 dollars 500 dollars isn’t going far with most investments so how can you put that money to work for the highest return but without gambling it away? In this video, I’ll reveal five ways to invest $500 for double- and triple-digit returns but […]