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How to Value Startup Investments

How to Find the Best Startup Investments in Equity Crowdfunding We’ve seen how startup investing can rocket your portfolio returns with an average annual return of 27% reported by angel investors but with that high return comes the high risk that a lot of investors don’t understand. In fact, less than half of startup investments […]

How to Read Stocks the Easy Way

A step-by-step on how to read stocks and make sense of the market Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue here with the Let’s Talk Money channel and you know after 20 years investing, with more than half of that as a professional analyst, I forget sometimes that the stock market can seem like a foreign […]

5 Ways to Invest 500 Dollars NOW

Make your money go further with these best ways to invest $500 $500 isn’t going far with most investments so how can you put that money to work for the highest return but without gambling it away? In this video, I’ll reveal five ways to invest $500 for double- and triple-digit returns but without the […]

Buying Gold as an Investment [5 Ways to Do It RIGHT]

Gold is hot with the market collapse and this could be the asset that saves your portfolio. But investing in gold is more than just calling in to that 3am infomercial. What are the best ways to invest in gold and the pros and cons of each? In this video, I’ll reveal five ways to […]

15 Best Investing Books to Grow Your Money

The best investing books in stocks, dividends and alternative investments Stocks, bonds, funds, mutual funds, ETFs, markets, REITs, compound interest… The investing world can sound intimidating if you’re a beginner and don’t know how to get started. The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert to create a profitable investment portfolio […]

Millennial Investing: Everything You Need to Know to Get Rich

Millennial investing is about taking advantage of time and your options The millennial generation is facing money challenges and opportunities like no other before them. In this video, I’ll share a complete plan for millennial investing from stocks, bonds and real estate to some of the mistakes that will crush your dreams. I’ll then reveal […]