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Stock Market for Beginners – How to Invest in Stocks 2019

Make 2019 the year you start investing with the ultimate guide for stock market for beginners.

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7 Types of Stocks Every Investor Needs in Their Portfolio

Understanding the types of stocks and how they fit with your investing strategy will make you a more successful investor Getting started investing in stocks can be more than a little scary. Stocks can be confusing and complicated. Entire professions are spent understanding how to pick the right investments. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be […]

Best Stocks to Start Investing NOW [And How I Find Them]

Three criteria I use to find the best stocks to buy today and hold forever plus how to start investing long-term So you know you have to get started investing but you just don’t know where to start. The investing networks and advisors have a knack for over-complicating investing so you’re forced to depend on […]

What are Stock Dividends [4 Factors to Find Best Dividend Stocks]

Stock dividends explained and four ways to find the best dividend yields Few investing strategies are as popular as stock dividends and for good reason. Dividend stocks have regularly beaten the rest of the market as well as providing a guaranteed positive return in that cash yield. In fact, I’ve used four factors to build […]

What are Commodities and are all Commodity Traders Named Winthorpe?

Learn the basics of commodities investing before you open an account One of the first movies I remember watching is Trading Places in 1983. The movie revolves around the fortunes of a commodities trader, Dan Aykroyd, and vagrant-turned-trader Billy Ray Valentine, Eddie Murphy. The movie is hilarious but you already know that…because if you haven’t […]