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How to Invest like Iron Man

How would Iron Man invest and what can we learn from it? We’re using the Avengers Endgame to explain investing!

3 Lending Club Investing Strategies for Safety and Returns

A review of Lending Club investing and three strategies for different types of investors I’ve been surprised how slow investors have been to take up Lending Club investing and peer loans but any new investor asset always faces hurdles. What investors miss by looking at peer lending investing is the huge differences in risk and […]

5 Stocks to Buy Now for the Next 30 Years

Buy stocks now that will stand the test of time and pay you to invest. We love talking about the hot stocks here on the blog but what about the stocks you can buy and know they’ll produce solid returns for decades? How do you find those forever stocks you can buy and just sit […]

5 Best Investing Websites [Stock Market Apps I Use]

The best investment apps and websites ranked for best research, no-cost investing and other features.

3 Best Penny Stocks to Buy Right Now

Three penny stocks to buy in 2019 that could mean huge returns for your portfolio. How I find penny stocks with a simple stock screen.

3 Dividend Stocks the Experts are Buying Now

Get these dividend stocks before activist investors for huge returns. Best stocks for 2019 on big money interest and upside.