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Sector Investing and Business Cycle Phases for Market-Beating Returns

Use this business cycle graph to plan your sector investing strategy around the natural phases in the economic cycle Investors have a horrible track record of timing the market, trying to buy low and sell high. The range of short-term factors that play on investor sentiment makes it nearly impossible to judge exactly where stocks […]

Best Free Investing Apps for Beginners [Robinhood vs Acorns vs M1]

I’m comparing the three best free investing apps to find the best for different types of investors. Compare M1 Finance, Robinhood and Acorns side-by-side.

Complete Netflix Stock Analysis and When to Buy

A complete Netflix stock price analysis including when to buy and a target price you won’t believe. Major factors and headlines updated.

How Does a 401K Work? [How to Get a 50% Return]

Are you missing out on your piece of $24 billion in retirement savings? That’s how much Americans lose every year for not knowing how a 401k works!

Dividend Payout Ratio [3 Risks You Can’t Ignore]

Understanding the dividend payout ratio and biggest dividend risks will help put cash in your pocket. There are three major risks to a stock’s dividend payout ratio that WILL mean the difference between solid returns or big losses. Ignore these risks or just hope they don’t hit your portfolio and you could lose thousands of […]

Updated Apple Stock Price Target and You Won’t Believe the Upside

The factors that matter most in the Apple stock price and when to invest. Two analysts just released their targets for Apple stock price, one calling for a 25% drop in the shares and another predicting shares will surge by 25% from here. Which is right and how do you know when to invest in […]