Let’s Work Together! Advertising Options

Take your brand to an engaged community across multiple channels for targeted and measurable returns!

  • Reaching over a million people a month through video, blog, social and email channels
  • Average click-through rates on video sponsorship of 7% and conversion rates from 5% to 8%
  • Email open rate of 43.4% and a click-through rate of 3.1%…more than twice the industry average

Engaged community + Measurable Results = Happy Sponsors!

Community Assets for Sponsorship

  • Let’s Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA (YouTube) – 378,000 subscribers with average 39,000 views per video and a total engagement rate of 10%
  • The Bow-Tie Daily – daily market newsletter to 12,700 subscribers and adding 1k+ a week, open rate of 43% and click-through of 3.1%
  • MyStockMarketBasics.com, PeerFinance101.com, MyWorkfromHomeMoney.com – Niche blogs reaching 155,000 readers a month
  • Social Media channels with over 39,000 engaged followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

Campaigns and Rates for Any Budget

Integrated Campaign – Guide the largest possible audience through the decision-making process! Multi-video campaign developing potential customers from broad-appeal topic at the top of the decision process and guiding viewers through targeted campaign integrating your platform.

  • Multi-video campaign that guides potential customers through the decision-making process from awareness to purchase
  • Blog posts that draw Google search traffic and put your brand in front of the right people at the right time
  • Newsletter sponsorship to reach the most engaged and active in the community (Sponsored links and CTA for three days)
  • Social media blast to tens of thousands of followers for viral shareability

Campaigns start at $4,500 per video and include all bulleted items above for higher engagement and maximum brand awareness

Individual Asset Sponsorsips – traditional media mentions within videos, blog posts or email available.

  • Video call-to-action of 30-45 seconds with link $3,000
  • Social media share across FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and IG $750
  • Newsletter sponsorship $300 per day
  • Sponsored post on one blog $250

Custom packages available across all assets. Please contact jhogue@peerfinance101.com for more information or to see how we can work together!

Demographics and Reach

The community is growing by an average 27,000 subscribers a month with 73%+ from the United States and 86.6% within the key 18-54 age demographic. Males make up roughly 85% of the community though gender representation differs across assets.

About Me

Joseph Hogue worked for nearly a decade as an investment analyst for venture capital firms and advisors before creating his own online assets. He now runs three blogs and a popular YouTube channel, Let’s Talk Money.

His work  has been published in Forbes, Morningstar and has appeared on Bloomberg and CNBC. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and a Masters in Business.

I learned early that content marketing is about providing the most relevant content as possible for a highly-targeted audience. That focus over three blogs, the YouTube channel and daily newsletter helps me get excellent engagement and drive qualified leads for partners.

Custom packages available across all assets. Please contact jhogue@peerfinance101.com for more information or to see how we can work together!