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How to Win the Stock Market Game [4 Rules]

Winning the stock market game is a matter of knowing which game you’re playing. Winning the stock market game is possible but not how most investors go about it. It’s no secret that investors are notorious for under-performing the stock market, realizing returns far below the general market. Data for the ten years through 2013 […]

Why you Don’t Need the Stock Market to Get Rich

Ditch the stress of the stock market and ignore the popular investing ‘wisdom’ with safer investments As a stock market analyst for nearly a decade, this one is going to hurt. I have spent a good part of my professional career helping people make sense of the stock market game and how to pick the […]

How to Find Your Investment Risk Tolerance

Investing without understanding your investment risk tolerance is a sure way to miss your financial goals and create sleepless nights. Investment risk tolerance is one of the most important but overlooked concepts in investing. Investors eager to reach their financial goals for retirement or that dream vacation read through a few websites about stocks and […]

5 Favorite Stock Funds for Any Stock Market

One reader shares her favorite stock funds for investing in any stock market and how to balance out your portfolio Today’s post is from Shannon Eding of California. Shannon read an earlier post on investing in Motif funds and wanted to share her experience with the website and her five favorite stock funds. Investing in […]