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My Favorite Blogs

My Favorite Blogs

I’ve been writing on my own blogs for two years now and have worked with bloggers for more than five years. It’s been a great experience and I’ve met a lot of interesting people. Over that time, I’ve come across some excellent blogs that I regularly go back to for advice. Below are some of my favorite blogs that I follow.

Favorite Blogs for Personal Finance

PeerFinance101 – Share your personal finance success stories and challenges and learn from others! The social revolution comes to personal finance through PeerStories. Join the community.

The Frugal Farmer – Laurie shares lessons about frugality, life, and money.

Your PF Pro – Harry provides personal finance advice for young professionals.

Penny Thots – Ready to become the master of your financial future? This site can help!

Luke1428 – Brian’s goal is to help you navigate the challenges of managing money so you can grow wealth and live with peace of mind.

Clever Dude – The Dude at Clever Dude is a great resource for all things personal finance.

Money Ahoy – This is a well-rounded personal finance site to help you save money, make money, and invest.

Dinks Finance – A great blog for those DINKs couples who are looking to get ahead financially.

Adventures in Frugal – One couple’s personal finance blog about living an adventurous, passionate life on a budget.

Fine Tuned Finances – When you get to the point that all you need to do is fine-tune your finances, give this blog a read.

The Savvy Scot – This blog is primarily based around personal finance, fitness and travel.

Engineer Your Finances  – Financial advice from the perspective of an engineer. – Personal finance with a twist.

Everybody Loves Your Money – Do you love your money? Find out how to show your money some love with this blog.

Kayla Sloan – Kayla is curbing her shopping habit and paying off debt.

Counting My Pennies – Every penny counts and this blogger knows that. Check out this site for some great savings tips.

Financial Conversation – This site hosts a great podcast about all things money.

Outlier Model – Don’t be afraid to live outside the box, this blog encourages readers to be unique in their quest for financial independence.

My Wealth Manifesto – This site has tons of great personal finance information.

Critical Financial – What actually matters when it comes to your money? Check out this financial guide to America in the 21st century.

Suburban Finance – At Suburban Finance, you’ll learn how to keep more money in your pockets so that you can go on awesome adventures.

Budget and the Bees – Being busy shouldn’t stop you from getting your finances in order. Read this blog for budget tips for busy bees.

Newlyweds on a Budget – Marriage changes everything. Learn how the author of this blog handles all that life throws her way as she and her husband learn to live on a budget together.

Favorite Blogs for Investing

Thousandaire – Want to become a Thousandaire? You’ll have to invest to really build wealth.

DivHut – Dividend Investing Blog

Reach Financial Independence – Pauline is on a mission to work smarter instead of harder so she can enjoy life to it’s fullest.

Retire Before Dad – The focus of this site is on early retirement.

Physician On FIRE – Can doctors retire early? Find out here.

Access IPOs – Learn about investing in IPOs.

Investment Hunting – The best thing about this blog is that it talks about the wins and losses that can come from investing.

Money Smart Guides – Become a financial master by paying off debt and investing for the future.

SureDividend – I love dividend investing and Ben has the theme down cold, runs a great Dividend Aristocrats page.

Candlestick Shop – Daily stock picks for short term traders using Japanese Candlestick Patterns. Free Daily and Weekly Newsletters; Educational area with trading instructions; Extensive list of stock picks based on daily patterns.

Favorite Blogs for Making Money

My Work from Home Money – No scams, No get-rich schemes. Just real strategies you can use to make money from home including blogging, selling on Amazon, self-publishing and more. Maybe not the easy road to riches but a great path to financial independence.

Great Passive Income Ideas – Make more money than just your paycheck!

Make Money Your Way – Pauline shares real ways you can make more money.

Blonde and Balanced – TK writes a great series about how women can make money online.

Favorite Blogs about Debt and Credit

Peer Loans Online – Don’t get locked out of credit as a financial tool. Learn how to improve your credit score and how to use peer loans responsibly.

Debt Blag – Debt BLAG is a personal finance blog offering tips on paying off and living with student loan debt, all while saving toward financial freedom.

Disease Called Debt – If you are looking to get out of debt, Hayley’s blog has lots of great resources to guide you.

Enemy of Debt – Travis’ blog provides first-hand experience with paying off debt.

Plunged in Debt – Read along as a young couple works their way out of debt.

Other Favorite Blogs

How You Can Find Love – Great tips on relationships and online dating. It’s been a while since I’ve needed dating advice but the site also offers ideas on keeping that spark alive and making the most of your relationship.

Crowd101 – Join the crowdfunding revolution! Learn how to raise money for a business idea or invest in startups through equity crowdfunding.