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Earnings are Screaming Stock Crash but Nobody is Listening

The underlying value of stocks is falling yet prices keep moving higher in what might turn into a stock crash for unsuspecting investors Companies have begun reporting their earnings for the first three months of the year and the picture is pretty bleak. Corporations have seen their profits fall for nearly a year and it […]

4 Investing Mistakes that Cost Me $30,000

One reader shares the investing mistakes that cost him tens of thousands of dollars Today’s post was originally published on PeerFinance101 from Robert, a reader from Kentucky that wanted to share his story after reading two recent posts on investing. Robert relates investing mistakes that cost him a lot of money to some of the […]

5 Favorite Stock Funds for Any Stock Market

One reader shares her favorite stock funds for investing in any stock market and how to balance out your portfolio Today’s post is from Shannon Eding of California. Shannon read an earlier post on investing in Motif funds and wanted to share her experience with the website and her five favorite stock funds. Investing in […]