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4 Simple Investing Rules for Stocks

These four simple investing rules from the father of value investing will get you started in stocks If manic-depressive disorder were something you could catch, stock investors would have closets full of lithium. Investors pile into stocks when times are good, with hot stock tips coming by everyone from Grandma to cabbies. It’s a totally […]

Should You Borrow to Invest in Stocks?

Borrowing to invest in stocks may not make sense but consider this other type of investment One of the most common questions I get from readers is if you should borrow to invest in stocks. I’ve been pretty vocal about not using margin to invest in stocks. That’s when you invest more on the online […]

Want to get Rich? Here’s How the Rich Do It.

Want to get rich? Invest in your own business ideas instead of stocks and bonds. Ask someone how to get rich and most will reply with investing in stocks or following the stock-picking advice of gurus like Warren Buffett. Most people are wrong! What’s the real story? A survey of more than 2,500 wealthy people […]

Why Your Investments are Worth Half as Much as You Think

Inflation risk in investing is something nobody thinks about but one of the biggest threats to your investing goals Most investors don’t realize it but inflation risk is one of your biggest hurdles to meeting your long-term investing goals. Even at low rates of inflation, your money halves in value every 30 years. Thirty years […]

Best Investments for Your 30s

Investing in your 30s is really when you start to see your money grow and set the stage for bigger gains later in life Investing in your 30s is about learning how to balance financial risks with your long-term financial goals. The best investments for your 30s are still pretty similar to the investments for […]

10 Wall Street Lies that Lose Investors’ Money

How to Avoid the Hype in Wall Street Lies and Make Money Your Way I started doing investment analysis for advisors nearly a decade ago and really got into the industry after earning the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2011. I’ve worked with everyone from small advisors at community banks to large venture capital […]