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ETF Investing and How to Save $162,000

ETF Investing has replaced mutual funds but the biggest reason to invest in funds remains the same Too many people still think investing in mutual funds is the best option to meet their retirement goals. ETF investing has replaced mutual funds in nearly every way including lower costs and taxes. In fact, investing in ETFs […]

3 Stock-Picking Strategies that Work and Two to Avoid

Stock-picking strategies are a dime a dozen but these three may actually be worth the money Turn on CNBC or Bloomberg at any point during the day and you’re bound to hear ten different stock-picking strategies within an hour. Investors love the idea of jumping into an investment and the potential to get rich on […]

4 Simple Investing Rules for Stocks

These four simple investing rules from the father of value investing will get you started in stocks If manic-depressive disorder were something you could catch, stock investors would have closets full of lithium. Investors pile into stocks when times are good, with hot stock tips coming by everyone from Grandma to cabbies. It’s a totally […]

Should You Borrow to Invest in Stocks?

Borrowing to invest in stocks may not make sense but consider this other type of investment One of the most common questions I get from readers is if you should borrow to invest in stocks. I’ve been pretty vocal about not using margin to invest in stocks. That’s when you invest more on the online […]

Retirement Investing in Your 60s and Beyond

Retirement investing doesn’t have to be a tradeoff between paying for living expenses and not outliving your nest egg Up to now in our investing by age series, it’s been all about growing your investments to meet your retirement goals. Each decade shifted a little more to safety but by the time you’re in your […]

Want to get Rich? Here’s How the Rich Do It.

Want to get rich? Invest in your own business ideas instead of stocks and bonds. Ask someone how to get rich and most will reply with investing in stocks or following the stock-picking advice of gurus like Warren Buffett. Most people are wrong! What’s the real story? A survey of more than 2,500 wealthy people […]