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5 Market Anomalies to Beat the Market

Five stock market anomalies seem to be able to beat the market but are they good long-term investing strategies? We don’t talk much about trying to beat the market here on the blog because most investors have a horrible record of success. The average investor underperformed the market by nearly 5% over the decade to […]

3 Investing Rules Every Young Investor Must Know

Young investors can take advantage of time and avoid making the most common mistakes by following these five rules George Bernard Shaw once said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” He probably wasn’t talking about investing…though maybe he should have been. When I was just starting out investing in my early 20s, I didn’t have […]

3 Core Investing Concepts You Can’t Afford to Miss

Follow these three core investing concepts to take the guesswork out of your investments and meet your goals! Turn on your favorite investing show on TV or click through to just about any blog and you’d get the idea that investing is all about the ‘what’. Find that perfect stock pick or the next big […]

The Truth about Investment Advisors

Ask yourself these questions to find a good investment advisor or to be your own financial planner A lot of investment advisors have gotten a bad name lately, especially during the new rules around fiduciary duties last year. The fact is that just like any profession, there are bound to be good advisors and bad […]

6 Simple Rules for Picking Stocks for Everyday Investors

The father of value investing offers six criteria for picking stocks to meet your investing goals Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ve built this blog on the idea that investing can actually be easy if you keep to a few stock market basics. We don’t get into stock picking much but finding the best […]

ETF Investing and How to Save $162,000

ETF Investing has replaced mutual funds but the biggest reason to invest in funds remains the same Too many people still think investing in mutual funds is the best option to meet their retirement goals. ETF investing has replaced mutual funds in nearly every way including lower costs and taxes. In fact, investing in ETFs […]