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Beat the Stock Market with Three Proven Strategies

You can beat the stock market but it takes more than just watching five minutes of CNBC Shares of Apple plunged 40% through the first few months of 2013 before surging 136% over the next two years. Shares of hot stocks like Netflix and Tesla frequently fall double-digits before rebounding. That kind of stock market […]

5-Minute Checklist to Compare Stocks to Buy

Use this quick checklist to compare stocks and find the best investments for your portfolio I get a lot of questions about comparing stocks and how to pick stocks for different investing goals. While I usually recommend a larger picture when it comes to building your portfolio, there are a few things I like to […]

Fool-Proof Investing: Dollar Cost Averaging vs Lump Sum

Dollar-cost averaging versus lump sum investing does work, just not in the way you think It’s a good bet you’ve heard of the dollar-cost averaging strategy. Then again, it’s also a good bet you’ve heard some bad advice on how to use it. The strategy of buying more stocks instead of just one lump sum […]

How to Double Retirement Income when Money is Tight

Saving and investing when money is tight can be tough but even the smallest amount can nearly double your nest egg We all know that investing for retirement is an absolute unless you want to eat pork ‘n beans three times a day in your golden years. Money is tight though and by the time […]

Hot Stocks and the Intelligent Investor

How to avoid hot stocks and stock market bubbles in this first chapter review of The Intelligent Investor Tune in to CNBC or any one of the thousands of investing websites daily and you’re likely to find hundreds of stock picks. Investors go crazy over hot stocks and making huge returns on the next hot […]

Best Investments for Your 50s

The best investments for your 50s will give you peace of mind and the returns you need Investing in your 50s can be hugely rewarding but it can also be extremely scary for some. If you’ve been investing for a couple of decades or more, even less risk in your investments can yield big portfolio […]