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51 Best Investment Ideas on Motif Investing
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51 Best Investment Ideas on Motif Investing

More than 50 great examples of how to invest for Motif Investing Returns and the best Motif ideas on the site.

If you’ve been following the blog, you know I’m a big fan of Motif Investing funds as a way to reduce investing risk and cut down on costs. The new investing site offers a unique way to group all your stocks and buy them with just one commission.

One of the most interesting ideas on Motif Investing is that you can check out other investor’s funds for ideas on how to invest your money. I have four investing funds on the site I use to invest in dividends, long-term themes, Warren Buffett stocks and retirement investing and my Motif Investing returns have beaten any other investing site I’m on.

There are more than 12,000 Motif Investing funds created by people in the community. The idea isn’t to invest in the existing funds but to use them as resource to create your own investment funds.

Beyond the community investment funds, there are also 150 professional motifs created by the investing site.

I spent two full weeks searching through the site for the best Motif ideas and those with the best investment returns over the last year.

You don’t need to open an account on Motif to check out the investment ideas below. Just click through to Motif and search for the funds.

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What is Motif Investing?

Motif is a newer online investing platform but brings with it some great features. My recent Motif Investing review took a more detailed look at the site but let’s recap what investors can get out of it here.

Like most investing sites, Motif allows you to invest in stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs). What sets Motif Investing apart is that, instead of investing in each stock one at a time, you pick up to 30 investments to put in your own fund and buy them all at once.


There are a few resources to help you find stocks for your investment funds. Besides being able to individually select stocks or ETFs for investment ideas, you can get ideas from funds already created on the website by other investors or by the site itself.

There are two huge advantages to this approach, one that most investors don’t even realize.

  • The site can potentially save you thousands a year in trading fees. Buying 30 stocks individually and reinvesting in them just three times a year would cost upwards of $1,200 on even the cheapest online investing site (30*4*$10). Buy that same group and rinvest three times on Motif and you’d pay $40 during the year.
  • Investing in a group of stocks also helps investors stop being their own worst enemy. With up to 30 stocks in your portfolio, you’re much less likely to fixate on the ups and downs of one particular company. You’re less likely to freak out if one stock falls significantly because the rest of the stocks smooth out your returns and you won’t be tempted to panic-sell your investments.

Best Investing Themes on Motif InvestingBeyond the main feature of being able to group your stocks and buy them with just one commission, Motif also features all the usual calculators and investing resources to help you invest.

Want to see how you can use Motif Investing to beat the stock market? That’s just what I did with my American Future Fund.

Check out how this fund doubled the return on the stock market in less than a year!

What to Remember for Investment Ideas on Motif

I’ve spent a lot of time looking through the investing funds below and the themes in which they invest. While your own investments will depend on your return needs and tolerance for risk, there are a few things you should remember when investing in Motifs.

  • Motifs are fully customizable. You can add or remove stocks in a group, change the percentage invested in each and even add ETFs to give you even more diversification.
  • It’s all about your own investment needs and the investments you want to hold. You can invest in themes like the categories below or put together a fund that invests broadly across the entire market.
  • You can add up to 30 stocks and ETFs to a fund. Take advantage of that limit and combine smaller funds to save money. Why invest in two Motif funds, each with less than 15 investments, when you could combine the two and pay half the fees?

I’ve highlighted over 50 funds created on Motif by other investors in 12 categories and investment ideas for the best Motif Investing returns. Where available, I’ve added the one-year return and other information about the investing funds but be sure to check out the site for yourself.

It’s a huge resource list. Want to watch the video on best investment ideas instead?

Click play and I’ll walk you through the idea on how to save money investing and find great stock market ideas on Motif Investing. When you’re done, scroll down and check out some of the 51 investment strategies.

I’ve included the provided description of the fund. These are totally at the discretion of the investor that created the fund and do not necessarily reflect the holdings in the fund. Remember, you don’t have to invest in these funds but can use them as a model to put together your own investments based on your needs.

To see more about any of these investment ideas, click through to Motif and search for the fund name.

Click to Jump to Different Investing Ideas on Motif:

Motif Investing for Green Investing
Motif Investing in Energy and Natural Resources
Motif Investing in Healthcare Stocks
Motif Funds in Financials and Financial Services Stocks
Best Motif Investing Funds for Real Estate Investing
Best Motif Investing Funds for Technology Stocks
Best Investing Funds in Travel and Entertainment Stocks
Best Emerging Market Funds on Motif Investing
Best Dividend Investing Funds on Motif
Investing in Bonds on Motif Investing
Technical Analysis and Investing in Signals

Investing in Total Market Funds and Diversified Portfolios on Motif

The opportunity to invest in up to 30 stocks and ETFs means you could potentially have all your money in just one Motif fund. Combining a few diversified ETFs that invest across stocks and bonds with a handful of individual stocks can give you all the portfolio diversification you need.

If you decide to invest in themes instead of across the entire market, I would recommend holding at least one index ETF in your Motif. This will help smooth your investment returns and lower overall risk in your portfolio.

Investing Fund: Total Market Diversification
Description: – Diversification is one of the few proven investment strategies. It is simple, yet highly effective. This motif offers investors the flexibility to invest in a wide variety of index ETFs. The result is a finely crafted diversified investment with consistent, reliable returns.

One-Year Return:  11.6%
Dividend Yield:  2.2%
# of Stocks: 11

Sector Weights: Domestic Equity (52.3%), Bonds (19.2%), Dividend (15.2%), Real Estate (13.3%)
Creator:  Chase Cole
Date Created:  01/03/2015 


Check out this Fund on Motif

Investing Fund: Vanguard ETF/ Stock Mix Portfolio
Description: This mix of Vanguard ETFs and specific mix of stocks will give excellent returns to your portfolio. Selected stocks are determined by their high market capital and growth potential. The model of high revenue growth and capital price appreciation in conjunction with minimal ETF expense fees make this an excellent long hold.

One-Year Return:  10.3%
Dividend Yield: 1.9 %
# of Stocks: 20

Sector Weights: Vanguard ETF (50.8%), Select Stocks (49.2%)
Creator: Kelvin Wong
Date Created: 12/26/2014 


Investing Fund: Gen X Essentials

Description: We grew up in the Cold War, we dialed up to reach the internet, we traveled across the digital-analog bridge, we were there for 9/11, we saw the first AI beat a human at chess, we’ve seen automated cars and surgeons, and now it’s our turn to run the world.

One-Year Return: 16.2 %
Dividend Yield:  2.4%
# of Stocks: 30

Sector Weights: Industrial Suppliers and Machinery (13.2%), Aerospace Defense Products & Services (10.4%), Biotechnology and Drug (9.7%), Consumer Products (9.3%),  Medical Appliances & Equipment (8.4%), Water Utilities (7.4%),  Tech ( 6.9%),  Dividend ETFs (6.9%),  Entertainment (6.2%),  E-tailers (4.6%),  Staffing & Outsourcing Services (3.6%),  Credit Services (3.5%),  Network Services (3.3%), Property & Casualty Insurance (3.3%), Electric Utilities (3.3%)

Creator: Thomas R Prendergast
Date Created:  02/15/2016


Motif Investing – Index Investing Funds

Check out this Fund on Motif

Investing Fund: Brands to Believe In

Description: There are some companies you can identify with. They are familiar, trustworthy, and have a strong track record. But most importantly, they are brands you believe in. So even when the market takes the plunge or some temporary bad news comes in about the brand, you know they’ll eventually rebound.

One-Year Return:  19.2%
# of Stocks: 6

Sector Weights: Catalog & Mail Order Houses (57.8%), Auto Manufacturers – Major (23.9%), Internet Information Providers (12.1%), Other (5.4%),  Electronic Equipment (0.8%)

Creator: Kevin Elliott
Date Created: 02/24/2014


Motif Investing – Brands Investing Theme

Investing Fund: Treat Yo’ CEF

Description: This Motif focuses on investment ideas in a variety closed-end funds (CEF) and funds with an above-average dividend yield. The fund is also weighted among many types of ETF’s to remain diversified and to minimize overall volatility. The average annual dividend yield comes out to a very impressive 13.6%.

One-Year Return: n/a
Dividend Yield: 13.6%
# of Stocks: 18

Sector Weights:  US REITs (30.7%), Emerging Markets (25.3%), Preferred Income (17.9%), US Value (7.1%), US Mortgage Funds (7.0%), Foreign Value (5.0%), Healthcare (1.9%)

Creator: Zachary Burns Drake
Date Created: 03/31/2016


Closed End Funds Investing – Motif


Check out this Fund on Motif

Motif Investment Ideas for Green Investing

Investing in renewable energy and clean energy could be one of the best investing themes over the next few decades. The world will always need energy but we can’t just keep burning fossil fuels as we have in the past. While oil prices have come down recently, it won’t be long before they shoot higher and alternative energy stocks could make for big returns.

Investing Fund: Green Hedges
Description: Looking to invest in Clean and Renewable energy companies while diversifying risk. Investments split among Stock ETF’s, Clean Energy ETF’s and big companies that invest in clean energy.

One-Year Return: 5.2%
Dividend Yield: 1.9%
# of Stocks: 12

Sector Weights: Stock Indexes (48.2%), Large Company Clean Supporters (27.2%), Small Company Clean Energy (12.7%), Green Indexes (12%)

Creator: Gerardo Dominguez
Date Created: 6/9/2015


Motif Investing – Green Investing Theme

Investing Fund: Green Equity Income Motif 2016

Description: The Green Equity Income Motif invests in green stocks with a primary objective of high income (dividend yield) and a secondary objective of capital gains. GEIM is created by Tom Konrad Ph.D., CFA, manager of the Green Global Equity Income Portfolio and Editor at

One-Year Return: n/a
Dividend Yield: 5.1%
# of Stocks: 29

Creator:  Thomas C Konrad
Date Created: 06/05/2016


Check out this Fund on Motif

Investing Fund: Fundamentally Green

Description: The portfolio combines the principles of socially responsible investing, with various fundamental analyses. Companies were selected from the EPA’s Green Power Partner list using current, historical and industry fundamental ratios, along with some basic social impact criteria.

One-Year Return: 7.3%
# of Stocks: 15

Sector Weights:  Technology (27.0%), Financial (14.4%), Medical Instruments & Supplies (13.7%), Services( 11.1%),  Electronics Stores (9.5% )

Creator: Johann Adriaan du Plessis
Date Created: 05/16/2014


Alternative Energy Investing Theme – Motif


Want to learn more about investing and meeting your investing goals? Check out this list of the 20 best investing books to help you get started putting your money to work.

Motif Investing in Energy and Natural Resources

While green energy investment ideas may hold great future potential, the fact is that we are still dependent on traditional energy sources. Energy and natural resources are in limited supply and increasing demand, two factors that will push stock prices up over decades to come. Many of the largest energy companies are also investing heavily in clean energy, giving you exposure to both investing themes.

Investing Fund: Energy and Oil Investments for the Long-Term
Description: The energy market provides safety in long-term investment idea compared to the risk in other stocks. Invest in energy and natural resources now when oil prices are lower.

One-Year Return:
Dividend Yield:
# of Stocks: 6

Sector Weights:  Oil and Gas (80.6%), Energy (19.4%)

Creator: Gregory Field
Date Created:  08/21/2016


Motif Investing – Energy Investing Theme

Check out this Fund on Motif

Investing Fund: Natural Gas
Description: – Natural Gas enjoys the reputation of being a safe and clean fuel. Combine this with the shale boom and high LNG demand in the world, and these are all the necessary ingredients for sustained growth. This motif is a “pure play” US natural gas companies involved in production, transportation, storage and distribution.

One-Year Return: 7.3%
# of Stocks: 28

Sector Weights: Pipelines & Storage (79.4%), Gas Utilities (11.2%), Propane Distribution (1.0% ), Manufacturing for the Industry (0.9%)

Creator: Igor Tsukerman
Date Created: 10/31/2014


Energy Stocks Investing – Motif


Investing Fund: Power Resources Investing Theme
Description: Companies providing energy to end users through different utilities such as water, natural gas, electricity. Could falling oil prices help to propel these stocks higher?

One-Year Return:
# of Stocks:

Sector Weights: Electric Utilities (54.3%), Gas Utilities (23.2%), Diversified Utilities (13.4%), Water Utilities (9.1%)

Creator: Hayden Marlon Walcott
Date Created: 01/17/2015


Check out this Fund on Motif

Investing Fund: Market Warrior Funds – Energy

Description: – A non-diversified equity fund which owns companies that operate in the Energy Sector of the economy. FUND HOLDINGS: Reviewed in January of each year however more frequent re-balancing may occur due to relevant IPO’s and M&A activity. BENCHMARK: S&P 500 Energy Sector Index

One-Year Return: 7.9%
# of Stocks: 27

Sector Weights:  Oil & Gas Pipelines & Storage (28.7%), Oil & Gas Equipment & Services (27.0%),  Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing (17.3%),  Major Integrated Oil & Gas (15.2%),  Oil & Gas Exploration (9.2%),  Oil & Gas Drilling (1.9%),  Energy Transportation (0.9%)

Creator: Justin Hughes
Date Created: 03/29/2014


Motif Investing – Energy Investing Theme


Investing Fund: High Energy Stocks
Description: – Low cost energy and natural resources stocks to benefit from long-term demand and limited supply.

One-Year Return: 11.1%
# of Stocks:

Sector Weights:  Major Integrated Oil & Gas (68.0%), Industrial Metals & Minerals (16.2%), Independent Oil & Gas (15.8%)

Creator:  Tekle  Eckrich
Date Created: 03/10/2015


Check out this Fund on Motif

Motif Investing in Healthcare Stocks

If there is one investing theme that will benefit over the next few decades, it’s healthcare and companies in the retirement living space. More than 10,000 people are reaching retirement age every day. That wave of baby boomers will drive healthcare stocks for years, many of which pay high dividend yields and strong returns.

Investing Fund: Healthcare
Description: The healthcare Industry is a vital industry and one of the strongest investing themes.

One-Year Return: 8.7%
Dividend Yield:
# of Stocks: 7

Sector Weights:  REIT – Healthcare Facilities (32.2%), Drug Manufacturers – Major (31.9%), Other (28.6%),  Drug Manufacturers – Other (7.3%)

Creator: Pruthu Jatin Udeshi
Date Created: 03/04/2015


Motif Healthcare Stocks Theme

Investing Fund: Biotech and Healthcare Fast Growth!

Description: My personal curation of fast-growth biotech and healthcare stocks. This motif seeks to capture the best current plays to deliver high returns. Typically rebalanced monthly. Due diligence on these stocks is advised before investing.

 One-Year Return: 14.5%
# of Stocks: 7

Sector Weights:  Healthcare (50.9%), Biotechnology (49.1%)

Creator: Jason Truongn
Date Created:  08/17/2015


Healthcare Stocks Investing Theme

Check out this Fund on Motif

Investing Fund: Ultimate Healthcare & Biotechnology Investing

Description: This motif contains stocks from the Healthcare and Financial sectors and the Drug Manufacturers – Major industry. Top weighted stocks include Johnson & Johnson, Healthcare Select Sector SPDR ETF, and Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.

Dividend Yield: 0.8%
# of Stocks: 19

Sector Weights:  Financial (77.9%), Healthcare (22.1%)

Creator: Antonio Montgomery
Date Created: 05/14/2016


Motif Biotech Investing Theme


Motif Funds in Financials and Financial Services Stocks

Stocks in the banking and financial sector have struggled this year against historically-low interest rates. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over more than a decade as an investment analyst it’s that bankers will always find a way to make money. That means now may be the perfect time to invest in financials. Dividend yields remain very attractive and the stocks in the group are not as expensive as other groups.

Investing Fund: Financial Services Investments

Description: Top 10 Financial Services ETFs for maximum exposure and diversification in the financial services investment ideas.

One-Year Return: 4.4%
Dividend Yield: 2.1%
# of Stocks: 10

Sector Weights: Financial Services (100%)

Creator: Caleb Hays
Date Created: 09/04/2015


Financials Investing Theme – Motif

Check out this Fund on Motif

Investing Fund:  Financials stocks
Description: A collection of financial stocks. As the United States begins to raise its interest rates, look for banks and financial institutions to reap the rewards.

One-Year Return:  3.3%
Dividend Yield:  2.2%
# of Stocks: 29

Sector Weights:  ETFs (71.1%), Financial (0.6%), REITs (7.1%), Business Software & Services (1.3%)

Creator: Jacob W Bishop
Date Created: 03/21/2015


Motif Banking Stocks Theme


Best Motif Investing Ideas for Real Estate Investing

Few investments have created as much family wealth as real estate. While most investors will have a tough time buying property directly, real estate stocks and REITs offer the opportunity to get into this stable sector of the market. Like the man said, “Real Estate is the one thing they aren’t making any more of,” and that means an asset that will continue to increase in value.

Investing Fund: Real Estate Top ETFs

Description: Portfolio of best performing real estate ETFs. Performance weighted with proprietary algorithm. As interest rates fall or remain low, real estate ETFs rise.

One-Year Return:  21.9%
Dividend Yield:  2.8%
# of Stocks: 5

Sector Weights: Real Estate ETF (100%)

Creator: Tom Loffman
Date Created: 01/05/2015


Motif Real Estate Investing Theme

Check out this Fund on Motif

Investing Fund: Real Estate stocks and REITs
Description: Real Estate investing at its best. A diversified portfolio of 30 stocks and funds for exposure to different real estate property types and geographic diversification.

One-Year Return: 22.3 %
Dividend Yield:  4.3%
# of Stocks: 30

Sector Weights: Financial (87.5%), Other (12.5%)

Creator: Thor Torrez Keane
Date Created: 04/19/2015


Motif Real Estate Stocks Investing


Investing Fund: Real Estate Capitalization
Description: The crash in real estate during the Great Recession created buying opportunities in this generational asset. Take advantage of low prices to benefit on the recovery in this long-term investment idea.

One-Year Return:  14.6%
Dividend Yield:  4.8%
# of Stocks: 8

Sector Weights:  Commercial Real Estate (37.8%), REIT – Healthcare Facilities (20.6%), REIT – Diversified (16.5%), REIT – Retail (13.4%), REIT – Residential (11.6%)

Creator: Michael Birch
Date Created: 03/12/2014


Investing Fund: Real Estate Bear Market Investing
Description: ETFs that will profit when real estate is in a bear market. As interest rates increase, real estate stocks tend to underperform as borrowing costs get more expensive.

One-Year Return:  1.8%
Dividend Yield:  3.0%
# of Stocks: 6

Sector Weights: Other (98.3%), Business Services (1.7%)

Creator: Brandon P LeMaster
Date Created: 03/14/2014


Motif Real Estate Funds


Check out this Fund on Motif

Best Motif Investing Funds for Technology Stocks

Technology stocks are your chance to profit from the genius of people like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. More than two decades after the advent of the internet and computers are still changing our lives. The investment theme offers high upside potential while investing across many stocks helps to lower your risk on any particular company.

Investing Fund: Innovators Manifesto
Description: Technology innovators to give you higher returns in tech stocks as the group changes the way we live.

One-Year Return:  38.1%
# of Stocks: 9

Sector Weights:  Technology (97.3%), Other (1.2%), Retail (0.9%), Healthcare (0.6%)

Date Created: 03/01/2013


Tech Stocks Investing Theme

Investing Fund: Tech & Future Industries
Description: The best of what’s here today and arriving tomorrow in tech stocks and the technology investing theme.

One-Year Return:  21.6%
# of Stocks: 8

Sector Weights: Services (34.6%), Technology (27.1%), Consumer Goods (23.2%), Other (15.0%)

Creator: Gregory Scott Hoenes
Date Created:  04/26/2013


Motif Technology Stocks Investing


Investing Fund: The Big 4 Internet and Data Powerhouses
Description: Basically just looking at the big four technology stocks; Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple that will power tech advances in the future.

One-Year Return:  37.9%
# of Stocks: 5

Sector Weights: Technology (52.8%), Services (47.2%)

Creator: Charles Elliott McGowan
Date Created:  04/23/2013


Check out this Fund on Motif

Investing Fund: Big Tech Stocks
Description: Big technology companies that provide higher returns than a savings account but safety compared to smaller companies.

One-Year Return:  24.6%
# of Stocks: 5

Sector Weights: Internet Information Providers (83.4%), Auto Manufacturers – Major (13.0%), Music & Video Stores (3.6%)

Creator: Dharmin Niketan Majmudar
Date Created: 08/27/2013


Tech Stocks Investing Motif


One of the biggest themes to remember while investing on Motif is also the only way to win the stock market game. Investors try to ‘beat’ the market by picking individual stocks but end up panic-selling and getting caught up in the return on one company. Investing in a diversified fund on Motif lowers your risk while still providing the upside investing across an entire theme.

Best Investing Funds in Travel and Entertainment Stocks

As technology and robotics do more for us, people will increasingly look to travel and other types of entertainment to spend their time. Further, economic development in emerging markets offer a huge opportunity to companies in the group. These stocks range from recreational vehicles to cruise lines and other providers.

Investing Fund: Travel and Entertainment
Description: Stocks of companies in the travel and entertainment industry for long-term growth in one of the best investing themes.

 Dividend Yield:  1.2%
# of Stocks: 14

Sector Weights: Entertainment – Diversified (34.9%), Business Services (22.3%), Cruise line (15.5%), Movie Production, Theaters (8.8%), Other (6.3%), Lodging (5.9%)

Creator: Heather Justine Hastings
Date Created:  11/10/2015


Motif Travel Stocks Theme


Check out this Fund on Motif

Investing Fund: Music Festival Stocks
Description: Hotel, Airfare, Ticketing, Entertainment and Concert Sponsors

One-Year Return:  13.2%
# of Stocks: 30

Sector Weights: Hotels (54.9%), Concert Sponsors (39.4%), Airfare (4.6%), Online Travel Portal (0.6%), Tickets (0.5%)

Creator: Claudia Lane
Date Created: 11/29/2014


Leisure Stocks Investing Theme

Investing Fund: A Traveler’s Tale
Description: My selected stocks and ETFs for aggressive investments in the travel and entertainment investing idea.

One-Year Return:  3.6%
Dividend Yield:  0.9%
# of Stocks: 12

Sector Weights: Gaming & Entertainment (35.3%), Financial (22.7%), Retailing (22.3%), Technology (15.0%), Servicing (4.7%)

Creator: Sang F Leong
Date Created: 11/18/2015


Check out this Fund on Motif

Best Emerging Market Funds on Motif Investing

Emerging market investing is an on-again, off-again investment for many but could be one of the best long-term themes for investors. There is no doubt that emerging countries like China, India and others throughout Asia and Latin America are growing in economic significance. As local market consumers earn more disposable income, profits will surge and currencies will appreciate – giving you capital gains on both fronts. Besides longer-term returns, these stocks generally pay higher dividend yields as well.

Investing Fund: India
Description: – Looking at new strong government in India, which is focused on development & infrastructure to drive this emerging market investment theme.

One-Year Return:  25.4%
Dividend Yield:  0.9%
# of Stocks: 7

Sector Weights: Foreign Regional Banks (37.6%), Auto Manufacturers – Major (32.0%), Other (21.7%), Information Technology Services (4.3%), Drug Manufacturers – Other (4.3%)

Creator: Pruthu Jatin Udeshi
Date Created: 06/19/2014


Emerging Market Stocks Investing Motif

Investing Fund: Frontier and Emerging Market Opportunities
Description: Exposure to the highest probability international market ETF opportunities to profit from the growth in emerging market stocks, especially stocks not available to U.S. investors on their own local stock market.

One-Year Return: 7.5 %
Dividend Yield:  2.3%
# of Stocks: 13

Sector Weights: Emerging Markets (50.8%), Frontier Markets (28.3%), Select Developed Markets (20.9%)

Creator: Jarad Giese
Date Created: 03/27/2014


Motif Emerging Market Investing Theme


Check out this Fund on Motif

Investing Fund: Market Warrior Funds – Frontier Markets
Description: A non-diversified foreign equity fund which owns companies that operate in the developing economies around the world. FUND HOLDINGS: Reviewed in January of each year. BENCHMARK: MSCI Frontier Markets Index

One-Year Return:  5.2%
Dividend Yield:  2.9%
# of Stocks: 5

Sector Weights: Frontier Markets (100%)

Creator: Justin Hughes
Date Created: 06/20/2014


Investing Fund: Best of Emerging Markets
Description: Could emerging markets provide better returns than U.S. equities? It has certainly been the case in the past four months!

One-Year Return:  19.4%
Dividend Yield:  1.8%
# of Stocks: 9

Sector Weights: Broad (48.9%), Countries (48.3%), Regions (2.8%)

Creator:  John James
Date Created: 09/03/2014


Emerging Market Funds Investing

Check out this Fund on Motif

Investing Fund: Emerging & Frontier ETFs
Description: ETFs for Emerging & Frontier Markets, primarily those with low expense ratios and that provide diversification across the investing theme.

One-Year Return:  15.5%
Dividend Yield:  2.2%
# of Stocks: 6

Sector Weights: Emerging Markets ETFs (87.6%), Frontier ETFs (12.4%)

Creator:  Kevin R. Guernier
Date Created:  06/21/2014


Motif Investing Emerging Markets


Investing Fund: Bull Emerging Markets
Description: Growing emerging market stocks to benefit from faster economic growth in regions outside the United States. The stocks have performed relatively closely with the S&P 500 recently but offer the potential to go higher when emerging markets take off.

One-Year Return:  16.8%
Dividend Yield:  2.3%
# of Stocks: 5

Sector Weights: ETF (100%)

Creator:  Jiaqi Hu
Date Created: 12/04/2014


Investing Fund: Growing Asia
Description: Companies that are located in Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and India that are experiencing very significant growth. Many of these stocks are not available to U.S. investors outside of emerging market ETFs.

One-Year Return:  43.2%
# of Stocks: 15

Sector Weights: Technology (64.2%), Services (20.3%), Financial (15.4%)

Creator: Joseph Leonard
Date Created: 06/26/2013


China Investing Theme


Check out this Fund on Motif

Investing Fund: Over The Great Wall
Description: As travel in China as an industry continues to grow exponentially, by domestic and international visitors alike, the companies in this sector will continue to reap rewards. US-listed stocks from Mainland and Hong Kong, modified market cap weighted.

One-Year Return:  6.7%
# of Stocks: 9

Sector Weights: Travel Services (41.1%), Airlines (29.8%), Casinos (10.7%), Railroads (9.6%), Hotels(7.1%),  Car Rental (1.5%)

Creator: Igor Tsukerman
Date Created: 12/05/2014


Motif China Stocks Fund


Check out this Fund on Motif

Best Dividend Investing Funds on Motif

Few investment ideas are as popular among investors as dividend investing. Dividend-paying companies have tended to outperform other stocks both on a cash and a total return basis. These stocks put money in your pocket while you wait for the earnings to move higher and provide for strong returns over the long-term.

Investing Fund: Durable Dividends
Description: Companies with growing dividend payouts have provided market-beating returns over the past 40 years. Companies with low debt-to-equity ratios, investment grade credit rating and cash flow that exceeded dividend payments, had no dividend cuts at all. The motif will provide consistent dividends despite market fluctuations.

One-Year Return:  11.4%
Dividend Yield:  n/a
# of Stocks: 20

Sector Weights: Consumer Products & Services (56.5%), Technology (30.4%), Other (4.4%), Retail (3.6%), Mixed Commercial (1.7%), Office( 1.5%),  Healthcare (1.0%),  IT Infrastructure (0.9%)

Creator:  Aaron Mendonsa
Date Created: 06/17/2015


Motif Dividend Stocks Investing Theme


Investing Fund: Monthly Dividend Fund
Description: This motif contains stocks from the Financial sector and the Closed-End Fund – Equity industry. Top weighted stocks include Credit Suisse X Links Gold Shares Covered Call, ETRACS Monthly Pay 2X Leveraged Closed End Fund, and Cornerstone Total Return Fund Inc. Dividend average of 20%

Dividend Yield:  18.5%
# of Stocks: 5

Sector Weights: Financial (100%)

Creator:  Christopher Marc Verger
Date Created:  07/18/2016


Monthly Dividend Investing Stocks


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Investing Fund: Grandma’s Conservative Dividend Portfolio
Description: This Motif is what grandma would own. It has very low volatility and comes with a solid dividend yield! It is stacked with consumer staples. 

One-Year Return:  19.8%
Dividend Yield:  n/a
# of Stocks: 30

Sector Weights: Consumer Defensive(38.3%),  Healthcare (14.0%),  Utilities (13.2%),  Oil & Gas (12.5%),  Telecom( 9.6%),  Industrials (5.7%),  Tech (3.5%),  Financials (3.2%)

Creator:  Monty Paggeot
Date Created: 06/02/2014


Safety Dividend Stocks Motif Fund

Investing Fund: Growth Tech + Dividend Stocks = $$$
Description: Growth tech stocks and Dividends for both current cash returns and long-term upside potential.

One-Year Return:  27.1%
# of Stocks: 12

Sector Weights: Without Dividend (67.9%), Tech With Dividend (12.6%), Reliable Dividends (10.9%), High Risk Dividend (8.5%)

Creator:  Avin Sundar
Date Created: 04/08/2014


Growth Dividends Investing Motif


Investing Fund: Monthly Dividend Funds III
Description: Funds that pay monthly dividends.

One-Year Return:  14.0%
Dividend Yield:  6.8%
# of Stocks: 30

Sector Weights: Monthly Dividend Funds (100%)

Creator:  Leonid Y Ayzenshtat
Date Created:  02/03/2015


Dividend Investing Theme Motif

Investing Fund: Top Ten Dividend Stocks for 2014 – The Dogs of Dow
Description: Dividend-paying stocks offer both capital gain and cash dividend growth potential that bonds simply can’t match. The Dogs of the Dow may not always be an investor’s best friend, but it’s a user-friendly strategy worth considering for a portion of your investment portfolio.

One-Year Return:  27.3%
Dividend Yield:  n/a
# of Stocks: 10

Sector Weights: Telecom Services – Domestic (19.0%), Drug Manufacturers – Major (18.8%), Business Software & Services (13.2%), Semiconductor – Broad Line (11.6%), Networking & Communication Devices (11.5%), Restaurants (10.1%), Diversified Machinery (9.1%), Major Integrated Oil & Gas (6.8%)

Creator:  Frances Hope Allen
Date Created: 01/14/2014


Best Dividend Stocks Fund


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Investing in Bonds on Motif Investing

Most investors are dangerously underweight in bond investing. Stocks may be the glamorous investment but bonds offer the safety and long-term returns you need to meet your investing goals. The percentage varies according to your age and investing needs but most investors should hold no less than 20% of their portfolio in bonds. Buying individual bonds can be expensive but bond funds offer a low-cost option to invest in fixed-income investments.

Investing Fund: 3x Long Term Hold
Description:  The fund invests in a leveraged fund for long-term bond returns.

One-Year Return: 42.4 %
Dividend Yield: 0.2 %
# of Stocks: 5

Sector Weights: Indices (56.4%), Bonds (43.6%)

Creator:  –   Ace Custodio
Date Created: 09/24/2014


Best Bond Investing Funds Motif

Don’t forget peer to peer investing as a part of your bond investing strategy. Investing in personal loans offers the safety of fixed-income investments and monthly cash flow at returns that are comparable to stock investing. I recently outlined three Lending Club investing strategies for different types of investors and different return needs.

Investing Fund: Consistent Dividend Growers + Bonds
Description: This motif focuses on stocks that have consistently raised their dividends for at-least 5+ years (most are 10+ which includes during the Great Recession). It also includes a few ETFs for extra stability during sell-offs. * I will also periodically use technical and fundamental analysis to adjust the motif accordingly.

One-Year Return:  25.0%
Dividend Yield:  3.9%
# of Stocks: 30

Sector Weights: Utilities (16.6%), Financial (14.0%), Extra Diversification (13.3%), Basic Materials (13.0%), Services (10.5%), Consumer Goods (9.9%), Technology (9.8%), Healthcare (6.6%), Aerospace Defense Products & Services (3.3%), REITs (3.1%)

Creator:  Anthony Dilorenzo
Date Created: 10/27/2014


Motif Bond Investing Theme


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Technical Analysis and Investing in Signals

I have never been a big fan of technical analysis or signal investing but there are a lot of investors that swear by it. You are basically looking for stock price signals that have proven to preview a move higher or lower in stocks. Be sure to understand the technical signals before investing in this theme.

Investing Fund: Go Big or Go Home
Description: Diversified portfolio selected based on a combination of technical analysis (EMA, MACD, Fibonacci, and Trend) and consensus of Wall Street projections on the short, mid, and long term periods.

 One-Year Return: 13.5 %
# of Stocks: 16

Sector Weights: Other (100%)

Creator:  Chris Marte
Date Created: 08/21/2014


Motif Technical Analysis Investing


Investing Fund: Bullish Technical Analysis Plays
Description: Names selected solely for their excellent volume, price and chart-based technical set-ups. Funds may hold less than 10 names so extremely concentrated. Rebalanced 1-3 times per quarter based on performance and weighting needs.

One-Year Return:  6.2%
# of Stocks: 5

Sector Weights: Other (100%)

Creator:  Edwin E. Philogene
Date Created: 06/24/2014


Technical Analysis Investing Fund


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Investing Fund: Using MACD as a Profit Strategy Monthly Gains
Description: Using technical analysis to find stocks to buy for weekly and monthly run ups.

One-Year Return:  10.9%
# of Stocks: 8

Sector Weights: Other (100%)

Creator:  Jamar C James
Date Created: 08/09/2016


Investing Fund: Strategic Trend Diversification
Description: This is a Diversified Motif utilizing a combination of Techniques. Sound Technical Analysis to recognize recent price patterns and current market trends for the purpose of predicting future patterns. Value Investing to target stocks selling at a discount. Momentum investing to capitalizing on current price trends.

One-Year Return:  8.5%
# of Stocks: 21

Sector Weights: Technology (42.7%), Services (22.8%), Consumer Goods (16.8%), Healthcare (7.1%), Oil (5.3%), Guns and Ammo (5.3%)

Creator:  Timothy Harold Piggott
Date Created: 03/03/2016


Trend Investing Fund Motif

Investing Fund: StockMoneyCoach_Long8
Description: Stocks were longed following a yearly trend and technical analysis based on 20 – 60 and 180 day moving averages. Performance should be analyzed in 30 day periods.

Dividend Yield:  1.3%
# of Stocks: 7

Sector Weights: Other (22.1%), Industrial Goods (21.6%), Financial (21.4%), Services (18.6%), Technology (16.3%)

Creator:  Jamar C James
Date Created: 08/24/2016


Motif Trend Investing Theme

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This list of investing funds on Motif is just a start to building your own portfolio around investment ideas or a diversified group in the stock market. Some of the funds are not diversified so consider adding some ETFs and other stocks to lower your risk and smooth out stock market returns. Make sure you always invest according to your own return needs and save money on investing fees through Motif Investing.






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