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3 Tax Deductible Investment Expenses that Will Save You Thousands

Save more on your taxes with this list of tax deductible investment expenses Uncle Sam sure doesn’t make it easy to be an investor. He wants a cut of the profits but takes none of the risk. He wants his cut up to an unlimited amount of gains but will only let you write off […]

Passive Income Myth: Passive Income Dividend Investing

Passive income dividend investing involves much less time and risk than other passive income strategies. Dividend investing may be one of the only true forms of passive income investing I’ve seen in more than 20 years as an investor. I started my professional career as a commercial real estate agent and developer before getting started […]

Guide to Fixed Income Investments: Beating the Market with Bond Investing

Use this guide to get started investing in bonds to beat the market with fixed income investments Whenever I switch a conversation from stocks to fixed income investments, expressions go blank and people tune out. While stocks are almost universally understood as an investment strategy, most investors know almost nothing about bonds. Just mentioning the […]

9 Reasons You Need to Open a Roth IRA Today

Don’t think a Roth IRA is just for rich people. There are nine reasons everyone needs to open a Roth retirement account. Taking advantage of tax benefits in retirement accounts should be the easiest investing decision you ever make. The instant tax savings on 401(k) plans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) represent an instant return […]

How Tax Exempt Investing Can Save You Thousands

Tax exempt investing can save you thousands in taxes on municipal bonds with strong ratings When is a lower return a good thing? When that lower return saves you money in taxes. This is the case with tax-exempt investing in municipal bonds, debt issued by states and other public institutions. Too many investors screen exclusively […]

Guarantee Your Retirement with a Secured Income Strategy

The ‘secured income strategy’ can help guarantee retirement income and balance your retirement saving Let me share with you a not-so-hypothetical story. Paul was 64 and had been investing his entire life. He built up quite a nest egg and was ready to retire comfortably next year. The year was 2008. We all know what […]